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Dinosaur Storytime

Opening: Shake Your Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct – jp Mo Willems


Activity: All Around the Swamp (see at end)

 (The Wheels of the Bus tune with Dinosaur actions)

Book: Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs – Ian Whybrow


flannelboard: No More Room (see at end)

 (A countdown flannelboard. I used little puppets and a cave made out of paper bags.)

Book: How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You – jp Yolen


Song: Mean old Dinosaur (see at end)

 (I’m a little teapot, dinosaur style)

Book: Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime – jp Shea


Song: We Are The Dinosaurs – from the CD Whadda’ Think of That by Laurie Berkner

(prefaced by reminding the kids the different dinosaur actions we used earlier [in All Around the Swamp] and we used those actions for the marching, and acted out the rest! A fantastic song.)

The Parts:

All Around the swamp

(tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”)

The dinos in the swamp go

stomp, stomp, stomp,

stomp, stomp, stomp,

stomp, stomp, stomp.

The dinos in the swamp go

stomp, stomp, stomp,

All around the swamp.

-The Pteranodon’s wings go

flap, flap, flap…

All around the swamp.

-The Tyrannosaurus teeth go

chomp, chomp, chomp…

-The Triceratops horns go

poke, poke, poke…

-The Apatosaurus neck goes

stretch, stretch, stretch…

-The dinos in the swamp go

stomp, stomp, stomp…

No More Room

5 huge dinosaurs

Sleeping on the cave floor

Woke up and started to roar

“There’s no more room,

there’s no more room

there’s no more room

on this floor!”

Well, they tossed and they turned

and they pushed galore

Till one poor dinosaur was pushed out the door!

-repeat with 4,3,2,-

 (last verse)

One huge dinosaur

Sleeping on the cave floor

Woke up and started to roar

“Come back, come back,

it was better before

It’s more fun together,

crowded on the floor!”

I’m a mean old Dinosaur

(to the tune of I’m a Little Tea Pot)

I’m a mean old Dinosaur (Make a mean face)
Big and Tall
Here is my tail, here is my claw.

When I get all hungry
I just growl ‘grrrrrrr
Look out kids I’m on the prowl.


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Russia Storytime

Part of the One World Many Stories Summer Reading program

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: The Frog Bride – Antonia Barber


 (Too wordy to read, this is more of a story to tell with the pictures.)

Song: 5 little dolls (see at end)


 (I really wanted matryoshka dolls for this program, so when I found them for around $12 on ebay, it was an easy decision …then I just had to think of a rhyme for them!)

Book: When the Snow comes – Jonathan Allen


Shadow Story: Masha and the Bear a traditional folktale


 (See the full story here.)

Book: The Gigantic Turnip – Aleksei Tolstoy


Activity: Boot prints (see at end)

 (Flannel Board prints that the kids have to try and replicate.)

Book: Snow Bears – Martin Waddell


Activity: Bubbles

The Parts:

5 little dolls

One little doll sat way up high

She fell off and began to cry.

She hit the ground and her side went ‘Crack

Another doll came to help her back.

Two little dolls sat way up high,

One fell off and began to cry…


 (last verse)

Five little dolls sat way up high,

Now they never fell off and never did cry

How many dolls were up so high?

One two three, four and five.

Boot Prints

Lay flannel board prints in different patterns, and see if kids can walk the way that would make them.

— _ — _ — _ off set for walking

side by side for ‘bunny hops’

_  _  _  _  in a straight line for ‘tightrope’

overlap side by side for ‘train tracks’

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Hawaii Storytime

Put together for the One World Many Stories summer reading program.

Opening: Shake Your Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Surf Wars – Margaret Read MacDonald


 (This book lives in our non-fic section, and is a great simple story with lots of sound effect opportunities.)

Activity: Ocean Motion (see at end)

(Acting like different ocean animals.)

Book: Grandma Calls Me Beautiful – Barbara M. Joosse


 (I clipped some pages from this book, it’s sweet and has lovely images but ran a little long.)

Activity: Hula Dance (Pearly Shells)

 (follow the link for the dance moves!)

 (I love being able to incorporate dance! We practiced the easy to follow moves, talking about what the actions were, before dancing to the music.)

Book: Pig Kahuna – Jennifer Sattler


 (Such a cute story.)

Flannel Board: Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave by Quentin Blake



(I try to make the flannelboard of a story look as close to the original illustrations as possible. Quentin’s style was fun to do! This shows the beginning and the end, add-on tales translate to flannelboard quite easily.)

Book: Pig Boy – Gerald McDermott


 (I love everything McDermott! Such vibrant colors.)

Activity: Parachute Volcano

(I had some brown balloons for lava rocks that we put on the parachute. Then we rumbled with little shakes, gradually got bigger, and exploded with fast up and downs, tossing the balloons everywhere!)

The Parts:

Ocean Motion

Jiggle like a jellyfish.

Creep like a sea snail.

Soar like a seagull.

Wiggle like an eel.

Float like a sea otter.

Bark like a seal.

Walk forward.

Walk backwards.

Walk sideways like a crab.

That’s the motion in the deep blue ocean.

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