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Why the Frog Has Big Eyes

on September 5, 2011

adapted from the book by Betsy Franco (I’ve included a very rough telling)

(I created these with with regular printer paper…should have used cardstock but ah well! The things we learn. Behind the cut out eyes is glued an envelope which holds the slips of paper with the pupils and eyelids…see a breakdown of the bird at the bottom. It’s fun to move the pupils around during the story.)

The frog didn’t always have big eyes, once they were very small. Frog was also very good at staring. He challenged his friends to a staring contest.

Horse blinked first, and rabbit blinked first, and bird blinked first…but when fish was the competitor…frogs eyes got bigger and bigger as he tried to win. Then frog blinked…and learned that fish never do. (You can see frogs eye layers in the bottom right corner, they just slid behind each other in the envelope)

Frogs eyes have been big ever since, and he never bragged again.

(Bird caught mid-blink…how embarrassing!)

(You can see the envelope through the empty eye sockets, I cut off the flaps because they got in the way. The eyelids were easier to manipulate when I attached them to the paper with the pupils. You push down on the crease and it blinks! I also covered the pupils with tape to give them some shine.)

Amanda at Trails & Tales hosted this weeks Flannel Friday


9 responses to “Why the Frog Has Big Eyes

  1. Ohhh, I love the eyes. Great idea.

  2. Jane Breen says:

    Eye love it! This is fun and silly – need to do! Thanks ~ jane

  3. What a fun story and I love your artwork!

  4. Amanda Murray says:

    Brilliant eye-dea! I’ll have to give this a try – thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. […] (See the full version here) […]

  6. Joanne Magavern says:

    I am a bit confused about the directions for the eyes , can anyone help with more detail?
    thanks, Joanne

    • sdbahlmann says:

      Hi Joanne,

      Here is a link to a video of the presentation, hopefully seeing it in action with help you understand the mechanics. If not, let me know how you’d like to be contacted and I’ll get you more details. =]


      • Joanne says:

        how do i sign in to view the video?

      • sdbahlmann says:

        Goodness! I checked back specifically to see if you had further comments, but am very sorry to have missed this. My youtube channel settings had changed to private somehow (not the most tech savvy here), but they are all public again.

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