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Chicken Storytime

on September 26, 2011

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Stuck in the Mud – Jane Clarke


Flannelboard: Hens of a different color (see at end)

(Paused before naming each color, so the kids could shout it out.)

Book: The Chicken of the Family – Mary Amato


Song: Clucky Clucky Chicken – sesame street

 (Did a little dance around the room…this wasn’t my favorite but it worked fine.)

Book: Chicken Little – jf Emberley


Flannelboard: The Most Wonderful Egg in the World (from the book by Helme Heine)

Three chicken friends go ask the king which is most wonderful.

They lay eggs in a contest, and each becomes a princess for their skills.

Book: Chickens to the Rescue – jp Himmelman


Song: I know a chicken – from the CD Whadda’ Think of That by Laure Berkner

(used shakey eggs, and did as the song told! If you don’t have shakey eggs, you could put beans or rice in plastic easter eggs.)

The Parts:

Hens of a different color

This little hen is BLACK ( hold up black hens)
She stands in the barnyard by a big hay stack.

This little hen is RED (hold up red hens)
She is very tired and won’t get out of bed.

This little hen is BROWN (hold up brown hens)
She likes spinning round and round.

This little hen is YELLOW (hold up yellow hens)
She’s shakes like a bowl of jell-o.

This little hen is WHITE (hold up white hen)
She dance’s and plays, oh what a sight.

This little hen is PURPLE (hold up the purple hens)
She spends her day running around in circles.

This little hen is GREEN (hold up green hen)
She is the silliest hen I’ve ever seen.

This little hen is BLUE (hold up blue hen)
She lays eggs for me and you.

This little hen is PINK (hold up the pink hen)
She goes down to the pond to get a drink.


One response to “Chicken Storytime

  1. I love chicken storytimes! I do Laurie Betkner’s “I Know a Chicken” too. It’s Always a big hit! Thanks for sharing.

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