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In the Dark Dark Woods

on October 31, 2011

Each of these sheets took about on hour, I tried just copying an image but they came out too dark, dark. So I permanent markered them. For the transitions I would lift the transparency and the image would go out of focus, then I’d swap the new one and lower it. I think it was pretty cool and effective (the ghost just ‘popped’ out though, for scare factor).

In the dark, dark woods…

…there was a dark, dark house. In the dark, dark house..

.there was a dark, dark room. And in the dark, dark room…

…there was a dark, dark cupboard.

(I have a rectangle of paper that covers the cupboard, which I remove for the shelves.)

In the dark, dark cupboard there were some dark, dark shelves. In the dark, dark shelves…

…there was a dark, dark box. In the dark, dark box…

…there was a Ghost!

3 responses to “In the Dark Dark Woods

  1. jaimie says:

    Do you know the version where the ghost comes out of the bottle I have been looking for it sense the 80s PLEASE HELP =)

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