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The Flea by David L Harrison

(Ralph in pre-swallow mode)

(the animals Ralph decides to ingest.)

‘It’s impossible now to understand Ralph

wif giraffe in hif mouf.’

(Ralph giving the giraffe a go, it doesn’t end well. I had a manila folder attached to the back of the construction paper which held the cow, horse, and giraffe upper half. You can kinda’ see the slit in the first image. There was also a little slit at the bottom [behind the body of ralph] which allowed for the raising and lowering of his great maw [which had a t-cross at the bottom so it wouldn’t slip out].)

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Unloved Animals Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

 Book: But No Elephants – Jerrry Smath


(I love being able to use books that I remember from my youth.)

 Song: I’m an Alligator – from the CD Favorite sing-a-longs. Volumes 1-3

 (used an alligator puppet to lip-sync, tried to get the kids to sing along, but they enjoyed it even if they didn’t!)

Old Black Fly – Jim Aylesworth


(Such a fun book with illustrations at just the right gross level!)

 Activity: Fly is on your nose (see at end)

 (I made little flies for everyone, and moved them to the different body parts with appropriate Bbbbzzzzzing in between. I let the kids choose where the fly would land next, my favorite being on the heart). =]

Book: Vulture View – April Pulley Sayre


(This book was the motivation for the theme, simple with fantastic papercut illustrations.)

Poem: Flea by David L Harrison


(see the full thing here)

(This was really popular, and the second time around I had the kids help me remember which animal got eaten next.)

Book: Aaarrgghh! Spider! –  Lydia Monks


(This was the last book I found for the storytime, and maybe my favorite.)

Puppet: Little Miss Muffet

 (Had a girl puppet and a spider puppet, and the kids loved seeing her scream and run away! We did it over and over…they didn’t prefer the alternate ending where ‘they sang and played all day.’)

 Activity: Instruments!

The Parts:

A Fly is On Your Nose

A Fly is on my nose, A Fly is on my nose

Hi-Ho, just watch me blow the fly right off my nose!

(repete with different body parts. I let the kids pick which part the fly would go to next.)

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Pirate Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Bubble Bath Pirates – jp Krosoczka


Activity: One-eyed Jake (see at end)

 (A short yet challenging activity.)

Book: Once Upon a Tide – jp mitton


Song: P-O-L-L-Y (see at end)

 (A simple variant of B-I-N-G-O, I had a parrot puppet to help with the Squawks.)

Book: Tough Boris – Diane fox


Song: The Pirate Song from the CD H.U.M. All Year Long by Carole Peterson

 (Great simple actions, and includes rhymes and counting.)

Book: Pirate Piggy Wiggy – jp fox


Activity: Walk the plank

(I set a shelf board at the front of the storytime area, and the kids walked the ‘plank’ into a stream of bubbles from our bubble machine. Kids loved it!)

The Parts:

One-Eyed Jake
I’m One-Eyed Jake, the pirate chief
(cover one eye with hand as if covering eye with a patch)
A terrible, fearsome ocean thief
I have a peg upon my leg
(Stand on one leg)
I have a hook and a dirty look
(One arm in the air, curving hand into a hook shape—make exaggerated mean face)
I’m One-Eyed Jake, the pirate chief
A terrible, fearsome ocean thief.

This is a fun one to use cumulatively. Add action after action, until the child is standing balanced on one leg, an eye covered, arm in a hook.


There was a pirate, had a bird, and Polly was her name, O.

P-O-L-L-Y, P-O-L-L-Y, P-O-L-L-Y and Polly was her name, O.

There was a pirate, had a bird, and Polly was her name, O.

Squawk! -O-L-L-Y,  Squawk! -O-L-L-Y,  Squawk! -O-L-L-Y and Polly was her name, O.

(continue with the next letter being replaces with a squawk each verse.)

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