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Birds Storytime

on March 13, 2012

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Don’t Let thePigeon Drive the Bus – Mo Willems


(The kids were a little slow to shout out the ‘No!’…but made up for it by being vocal the rest of the storytime.) =\

Activity: Two Little Blackbirds (see at end)

 (This was very well recieved. We have little blackbirds on popsicle sticks, but I knew there wouldn’t be enough so we just used our thumbs as the birds. Each time they flew away we did breathy flying noises that matched the descriptors.)

Book: The Wolf’s Chicken Stew – Keiko Kasza


(I encouraged some response ‘Who likes pancakes?’ and even though I’m not the biggest fan of the illustrations, I think this is a nice story.)

Activity: I know a little rooster – song by The Best of the Babysitters

(The kids seemed a little disintersted in this…I think something more active would have been better. I’ll try the chicken dance with the next group.)

Book: Grumpy Bird – Jeremy Tankard

(A simple story, cute pics, I think it kinds of went over the heads of my group though.)

Activity: 5 Penguins in the Bathtub (see at end)

(They liked this a lot…it’s a variant that I put to a tune. It even got an encore!)

 Book:  Do Like a Duck Does– by Judy Hindley

(I’m a big fan of this book, cute big pictures and fun opportunity for voices. The kids like it too!)

The Parts:

Two Little Blackbirds

Two little black birds sitting on a hill,

One named Jack and one named Jill.

Fly away Jack, Fly away Jill!

Come back Jack, come back Jill!

…sitting on a pole,

one named high and one named low…

…sitting on a cloud,

one named quiet and one named loud…

…sitting in the snow,

one names fast and one named slow…

Five Penguins in a Bathtub

One penguin in a bathtub, going for a swim

Knock, Knock (clap, clap)

Splash, Splash (slap knees, slap knees)

Come on in! (motion with hand)

Two penguins…

Three penguins…

Four penguins…

Five penguins…

…They all fell in! (final line)

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