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Sport Star Storytime

on July 30, 2012

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Cozmo Zooms – Arthur Howard

(A nice book, maybe a stretch for the theme but it totally worked for me!)

Activity: This is the way you …

This is the way you ride the board, ride the board, ride the board.

This is the way you ride the board when you’re on a skateboard.

 This is the way you Hit the ball, hit the ball, hit the ball

…when you’re playing baseball.

 This is the way you slide your feet, slide your feet, slide your feet.

…when you’re going skating.

 This is the way you Dribble the ball, dribble the ball, dribble the ball

…when you’re playing basketball

 This is the way you Kick the ball, kick the ball, kick the ball,

…when you’re playing soccer.

 This is the way you move your arms, move your arms, move your arms.

…when you’re going swimming.

 This is the way you get tackled, get tackled, get tackled,

…when you’re playing football.

 (We acted everything out, some kids were very happy to do the action for there favorite sport. Then we fell down to get tackled at the end!) 

Book: Sergio Saves the Game – Edel Rodriguez

(Was probably a little long, but I thought the soccer theme would be popular, and the other Sergio book I used before was well received. Sometimes you miss the mark!)

Activity Projector: In the Driver’s Seat from the book by Max Haynes

(This was an activity adapted by fellow librarian Paul Musser for projector. The kids each get a paper plate steering wheel to drive the car thorough all the adventures!)

Book: Rhino’s Who Surf – Julie Mammano

(One of the parents in the back really appreciated this, but I think the kids were getting antsy).

Activity: Have You Seen the Trampoline? – from the CD Music Play for Folks of All Stripes by Jim Gill

(This was really popular, kids love to jump!) 

Book: Boing – Nick Bruel

(Cute story about a kangaroo who had trouble jumping. Wise Koala figures out why. Everyone loved the revelation.)

Activity: Sports Balls on Parachute

(Or that’s what I would have done if I could have found inflatable sports balls! Instead the kids just jumped in the bubbles and had a grand time.)


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