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Boxes Storytime

on September 20, 2012

I wasn’t sure I’d find enough material for this theme, but there was loads of stuff! Even so, the program in general felt a bit flat.

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: The Birthday Box – Leslie Patricelli


(A nice simple story about a birthday present made into much more that it’s giver intended.)

Flannel Board: Where’s Tumpty? (Polly Dunbar)

(Tumpty is certain he’s hidden, but he’s quite large. Eventually he finds the perfect place. The kids quite liked this. )


Book: Inside Outside Upside Down – Stan & Jan Berenstain

(A fun story, but it felt rather short during the program.)

Activity: I like to be a jack in the box

 Sometimes I like to hide in a box (Crouch with hands over head)

My handle spins around.  (spin one arm around)

Then after a little while …

Boooiiing! (Jump up!) It’s me you found!

(This was fun, but the kids always enjoy jumping! We did it a number of times.)

Book: Chloe – Peter McCarthy

(The little rabbit doesn’t like the new TV so much, but the box it came in is loads of fun!)

Puppets: Thank You Bear  (Greg Foley)

(Bear finds a box, looks inside and thinks ‘This is the greatest thing ever!’ On his way to give it to mouse, the other animals he meets make him think maybe it isn’t so great after all.)

Book: Magic Box – Katie Cleminson

(Katie gets a magical box, and pulls all sorts of wonderful things out of it. After the big party with dancing and music, she makes it all go away …well, almost. Nice big illustrations)

Activity: Instruments

(I had a box that I introduced at the beginning of storytime, and at the end the kids got to look inside. It was full of instruments and we had our own party!)


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