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Colors Storytime

on October 2, 2012

I’ve done colors before as a theme, but I decided this time to focus on a specific color for each book, rather than smooshing them all in each time. The activities still had a variety!

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

We practiced some of the colors as I put the pillows from the Tooth Fairy flannel on the board. Then left them up during the first story. 

Book: The Red Wolf – Margaret Shannon

(This was a bit too long. I’ll try to make it more concise for the Thur group. I love the story and the illustrations! And I was surprised at how well the kids stayed focused. …this worked great for the Thur group with some pages clipped together and the rest condensed a bit!)

Visual: Tooth Fairy

(Now we made use of the pillows! One had a tooth hidden behind it, so the tooth fairy came out and sang her song until we found the tooth. Jolly good fun.)

Look and see, look and see,

Can you find the tooth for me?

Is it behind the ____ pillow?


(I like to get suggestions from the kids on which pillow to look under, and it makes them more excited too! If they get it too quickly, the tooth fairy goes to a different house with the tooth under a different pillow and we play again!)

Book: Little yellow leaf – Carin Berger

(I felt that this might not be interesting enough for the kids, and there is probably a better choice out there. Notwithstanding that, it worked well enough especially adding some talking points throughout.  I think it’s charming, and it tied it very nicely to the next activity!)

Song/Activity: Autumn Leaves

Way up high in an autumn tree

a little Green leaf happy as could be

The wind went Wwhoooooshh!!

and the leaf danced around,

then floated gently to the ground.

(continue with other colors)

(The kids had a great time with this, though passing out the pre-sorted leaves took a bit of time. We held them up high, danced them around, then drifted down to the ground with them.)

Book: Blue Chicken– Deborah Freedman

(Chicken spills the paint, and the other animals aren’t too happy about it! Lovely illustrations and narrative.)

Puppet: Baa baa black sheep – Traditional

(We sang Baa Baa Black Sheep, then this little guy popped up because no one ever sang about the white sheep! So we did, and then he put on different colors so that more were represented. The kids were much more excited about this in the Thur group. The idea of the sheep puppet with other colors was taken from Amy White of the Orem Public Library)

Book: Where is the green sheep? – Mem Fox

(The kids really liked this one, it was nice to bring back some simplicity.) =]

Activity: Leaves on Parachute

(All of the leaves from the song were put on a parachute, and we bounced it! The kids were so excited today, and even after quite a bit of play time, they left the room buzzing.)

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