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Monster Storytime

on October 25, 2012

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Don’t Squish the Sasquatch! – Kent Redeker

(A simple, bright book with a great fold out. The kids all got to help give the Sasquatch kisses too.)

Activity: Chocolate Chip Ghost

used the idea from rovingfiddlehead‘s blog

Little ghost is left alone and mother warns him not to eat anything until she gets back, but he does anyway! And all the foods turn him different colors. Finally momma ghost gets back and fixes things with milk and vanilla ice cream.

(Kids love being able to shout out the colors they know. This was a great participation activity!)

Book: Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

(It’s great seeing the excitement kids have when you do a familiar book. This is fantastic of course!)

Activity: Wild Thing, Wild Thing (modified from Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)

Wild thing, wild thing turn around,

  Wild thing, wild thing scratch the ground.

Wild thing, wild thing Roar out loud,

Wild thing, wild thing, touch a cloud.

Wild thing, wild thing, win a race.

Wild thing, wild thing, jump in place.

Wild thing, wild thing, stop and pause,

Wild thing, wild thing, touch your claws.

Wild thing, wild thing, sit right down.

Wild thing, wild thing, make no sound.

(A fun activity for the kids. One little girl pointed out that she couldn’t race because she had a cast on her foot.) =P

Book: Creepy Monster, Sleepy Monster – Jane Yolen

(I was drawn to this mostly because one of the monsters gets to burp. The illustrations are still fantastic, and there are some nice talking points!)

Activity: One Little Monster

One Little Monster

One little monster dancing on the floor

Had such fun it gave a Roar!

Then there came one monster more

Now there are more monsters than before!

(continue with increasing numbers)

(I attempted to make the rhythm match 5 Little Monkeys, but after the roar it always turned chanty. The kids still had fun with it!)

Book: Leonardo the Terrible Monster – Mo Willems

(A great story, as you’d expect from the author. And it was nice to end with the monster being the boys’ friend.)

Activity: Instruments

(Monsters like to be noisy! So we made noise on instruments while the song ‘Horns to Toes’ by Sandra Boynton played. )

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