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Never Too Little To Love

on February 7, 2013

This is an adaptation from the book by Jeanne Willis that I made for a storytime about emotions. Shared in honor of Valentines day.


(Timmy too tiny loves someone, but they are way up there! How can he get to them?)

I attach a ribbon the length of my flannel board that matches it in color, with velcro spots for the items to attach as mouse adds them. These were cut from manila folders and colored with colored pencils, then laminated. After mouse stacks all the way to the top, I detach the ribbon and Wobble, wobble! Everything falls down! Then my giraffe comes out and bends down to kiss mouse. (I found a hat on sale at a craft store, and it’s worked fine!)


(After his tower collapses, Tina too Tall bends down to give him a kiss.)

You can find this week’s round-up with Courtney at Miss Courtney Meets Bobo.  All things Flannel Friday can be found on the blog and all flannels are shared via Pinterst.


4 responses to “Never Too Little To Love

  1. Lisa Mulvenna says:

    I love the ribbon idea! Never thought of that.

  2. Using the ribbon is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. […] chose to use SLC Book Boy’s Never too Little to Love flannel set for storytime this week.  We talked about how Timmy too Tiny wanted to give the Cat in […]

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