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The Most Wonderful Egg in the World

on February 7, 2013

First used in my Chickens storytime, I adapted this from the book by Helme Heine. Layered felt with some permanent marker accents.

most wonderful egg

Three chickens were friends, and each has something wonderful about them. Dotty has the most beautiful feathers, Stalky has the most beautiful lets, and Plumy has the most beautiful crest. They want to know which is the most wonderful, and decide to go ask the king. Being a very wise king he says it isn’t what you look like, but what you can do that make you important. He tells them that whoever lays the most wonderful egg, he will make a princess.


Dotty goes first and lays the most perfect egg ever!, all smooth and white. Stalky knows she cannot lay a more perfect egg, but she’s got to try and lays the largest egg ever! Plumy knows she cannot lay a more perfect egg, or a larger egg, but has to try, and lays the most interesting egg ever! The king decides they all laid wonderful eggs, and makes them each a princess. 


You can find this week’s round-up with Courtney at Miss Courtney Meets Bobo.  All things Flannel Friday can be found on the blog and all flannels are shared via Pinterst.


2 responses to “The Most Wonderful Egg in the World

  1. LOVE those chickens! And I love this book as well — square egg indeed!

  2. Jane Breen says:

    This book has brought laughs for years and years in story time. I am sitting here smiling looking at your felt creations. I am imagining those chickens “bawlk, bawlk, bawkling!!!” Thanks for posting. ~ jane

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