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Sleepy Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Moo, Moo, Brown Cow, Have You Any Milk? – Phillis Gershator

 moo moo brown cow

(This was a fun way to show where things come from (pillows, blankets, milk, bread and honey). Pretty well received too.)

Activity: Sleepy Bear (from Storytime Katie)

“Sleepy Bear” (Tune: “Thumbkin”)
Where is bear? Where is bear?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you this winter?
Very tired, thank you.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.


(Super fun, the kids love it!)

Book: My Dad is Big and Strong, But… – Coralie Saudo


(Such an adorable story, and the parents love it as much as the kids.)

Activity: Owl Freeze Game (modified from the song ‘Silly Dance Contest’ by Jim Gill)

 Fly any way you want to, fly any way you please

fly any way you want to, but stop when I say Sleep!

(continue with fly as high as you want to, fly as fast as you want to,

then fly any way you want to again to end.)


(I made a two-sided moon/sun visual and explained to the kids that we were going to be owls. That means that if the sun is out we have to be asleep! Then I’d flip it around to the moon for us to be owls flapping our wings. I used a freeze game format, shouting out Sleep! after they’d been flying for a bit and everyone lay down. Loads of fun!)

Book: Sleep Like a Tiger – Mary Logue

 sleep like a tiger cover

(Perhaps a bit ambley, I felt like the group was wandering a bit during this one. Might swap it out with Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime for my Thu group.)

Activity: Princess and the Mattresses


On top of all these mattresses I get to spend the night,

I toss and turn and cannot sleep, for something is not right.

Something (tickley, squishy, buzzy, scary, lumpy)  keeps me up. These mattresses I’ll spread…

A (feather, banana peel, bee, monster, pea)! That’s no good, get out of my bed!

(The princess then throws the item and climbs up for the next verse)

Finally everything is soft, and I can rest my head. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


(This was loads of fun! I saw another princess flannel board, and used that as inspiration to make this. We counted all the mattresses as we set them up, and the kids loved guessing what the item was, and watching the princess throw them away. …though she was too scared to pick up the monster, and just karate chopped it out of my hand.)

Book: Who Said Coo? – Deborah Ruddell

who said coo

(A very cute, simple story, and a great end to the program.)

Activity: Parachute

(The final activity was our parachute with monkey beach balls, for the five little monkeys jumping on the bed. The group was too big to try the song, so we just had fun bouncing!)


Silly Stories Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Ducks Don’t Wear Socks – John Nedwidek

ducks dont wear socks

(This is always a hit!)

Flannel Board : The Hat – from the book Squid and Octopus by Tao Nyeu


(A fun short story, Octopus finds a hat …our kids know what it really is… but everyone in the ocean thinks it’s something different.)

Book: Imogene’s Antlers – David Small


(The reveal at the end was what really sold this classic for my group. They didn’t seem too impressed during.)

Activity: My Silly Hat – adapted from SurLaLune

Tune: This Old Man

On my head I wear a hat,

It is such a silly hat.

Wear it hear and there and to and fro,

Where else can my silly hat go?

(continue song with different body parts)

(We used bean bags as our silly hats, which was quite fun, and the kids are great at suggesting where the ‘hat’ can go next, from toes to bums.)

Book: Pigs to the Rescue – John Himmelman

Pigs to the Rescue-thumb-300x240-4541

(This is a fun book from Himmelman’s series. The pigs just can’t seem to get anything quite right.)

Activity: I’m Being Eaten By a Boa Constrictor – Shel Silverstein (idea by Liesl Johnson)

(With a sleeping bag prop, this is a great engaging poem. I do it a couple of times, and have the kids shout out what part of me the Boa Constrictor is nibbling on.)

Book: Oh, Daddy! – Bob Shea


(Such a fun simple book. I love everything about it!)

Activity: Silly Streamers

(Then we finished by dancing with our streamers.)

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Letter E Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct – Mo Willems

Edwina the Dinosaur

(Charming book, as you’d expect from the author. Had even parents laughing. Edwina and Extinct)

Activity: Most Wonderful Egg In the World – from the book by Helme Heine



(A fun story about three friends who have an egg laying contest to see which is best, and find out they all have unique talents. Quite fun. Eggs)

Book: Emma Kate – Patricia Polacco


(This had a sort of indifferent reception. Lovely pictures, but the cleverness of the story was lost I think. Emma, Elephant)

Activity: Elephants Have Wrinkles video here

Elephants have wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles,

elephants have wrinkles, wrinkles everywhere.

On their toes, no one knows Why-ai-ai-ai.

(continue with other body parts)

(Loads of fun! Elephants)

Book: Edward the Emu – Sheena Knowles


(Nice large pics, and a very cute story. Well received, and introduced a new word to most of the kids! Edward, Emu)

Activity: The Very Greedy Python – from the book by Eric Carle

2013-03-07_09-33-35_82  2013-03-07_09-34-40_589

(Python eats all the animals, but they cause a din and he coughs them up again. Kids love it, though one boy was a bit concerned for the animals at first. Eat) …for my python, I used a tube scarf and safety pinned some flannel eyes and tongue. Super simple and it’s easy to ‘cough’ out his mean by pushing in through the back.

Book: The End – David LaRochelle

the end

(A very fun book, and a fantastic ending! End)

Activity: Bubbles

(This didn’t match the theme, but the kids love them non-the-less. Enjoy!)

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Opposties Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Quick, Slow, Mango! – Anik McGrory


(This was perhaps a bit long, but the pictures are so cute! Even having it first in the line up the kids got a bit restless.)

Fingerplay: Two Little Blackbirds – Traditional

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill

One named Jack and One named Jill

Fly away Jack

Fly away Jill

Come back Jack

Come back Jill

…sitting in the snow. One was fast and one was slow…

…sitting on a cloud. One was quiet and one was loud…

…on a lily pad.  One was happy and the other was sad…

…were getting very old. One was hot and one was cold…

…sitting on a pole. One was high and one was low…    

(I had a few more opposites, but this was about the right amount to avoid wearying the theme.)

Book: Dinosaur Roar – Paul Strickland


(A fun book, sort of mid grade to me.)

Activity: Grand Ole Duke of York – From the CD Baby’s first Nursery Rhymes

Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men,
He marched them up to the top of
The hill and he marched
Them down again.

And when they were up they were up.
And when they were down they were down.
And when they were only half way up,
They were neither up nor down.

(We marched around the room standing on our toes, or crouching as the lyrics dictated. Nice wiggle song.)

Book: Big and Little – John Stadler


(This was really popular, fun surprise ending.)

Flannel Board: Never Too Little To Love – from the book by Jeanne Willis

2012-04-18_14-50-46_672  2012-04-18_14-49-26_453

(The little mouse wants to give the giraffe a kiss, but can’t reach, even when he makes a big …precarious… pile to stand on. Quite popular.)

Book: Opposnakes – Salina Yoon


(This was a big hit as well. Simple structure but lots of fun.)

Activity: Instruments

(Then, because the kids were so quiet for the stories…at least I pretended they were… we got to make lots of noise!)

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