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Magic Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Sausages – Jessica Souhami


(I think this is a fantastic adaptation. Great illustrations and a simple plot.)

Activity: The Magic Sneezes – from the traditional story The Seven Sneezes (see full version here)


(A boy walks by and sneezes, messing all the animals up! Trimmed down from the original version, and it still felt just a bit long, but fun!)

Book: The Wizard the Fairy and the Magic Chicken – Helen Lester

the wizard the fairy and the magic chicken

(This is charming, with a nice message of teamwork.)

Activity: “Poof” You’re a…

“Abracadabra, poof!  You’re a _____________!”

(Some of the things to turn the children into could included a duck, ogre, bear, tree, monkey, frog, fire engine and rock.  And of course, the kids had to act like that thing).


(We used magic wands to transform the children into different things, lots of fun.)

Book: Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock – Eric A. Kimmel


(I think this worked better as a puppet play, but the book still worked fine!)

Activity: Magic Hat – Deanna Romriell

Magic!  Magic!  In my hat,

I’ll pull out a rabbit –

Aaaaaa!!  What is that?!!

(Pull anything other than a rabbit out and repeat.)

Magic!  Magic!  In my hat,

I’ll pull out a rabbit –

 See!!  Look at that!!


(The kids love this! On the last attempt, I have them help me say ‘Rabbit’, and then it works!)

Book: Magic Box – Katie Cleminson

 magic box

(Simple with bright illustrations. I quite like it.)

Activity: Instruments

(Then we had a little party, like the animals in ‘Magic Box’)

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Magic Sneezes

Based on the story Seven Sneezes by by Olga Cabral


Once there was a Dog, a cat, and a rabbit that all lived together. The dog was brown and very big, and had a big voice to go with it. ‘Woof, Woof’. The cat was black with a tiny voice, and tiny ears as well. ‘meow’. And the Rabbit was white, with big fluffy ears.

They were all happy, the Bunny adored his big ears, the cat liked her tiny ones, and the dog was proud of his powerful ‘Woof, Woof!”

One day a boy was walking past, there was some dust blowing in the air and he started sneezing

(I’ll be using my boy puppet for this part, so there isn’t a visual for him.) =]

“Achoo, Kapoo, Haibloo!”

Then he kept on walking, but something strange had happened.

2013-09-16_17-43-27_382  2013-09-16_17-43-34_121

(The rabbit and cat ears are separate pieces that can be switched between the characters)

The black cat had big bunny ears, and the white bunny had tiny little kitty ears.

The dog started laughing, “Oh, you both look so foolish!” but he spoke in the tiny kitty voice!

“Oh, what has happened!” Said the cat, and her voice was the powerful voice of the dog.

“Give me back my ears!” she said to the rabbit.

The rabbit was so upset he just started to hiccup.

“It was hic, the boy! Hic, hic, His sneezes, hic, made us like this, hic, hic. They must be magic Hic sneezes.’

“Well then” said the dog, “let’s find him and make him sneeze again so we’ll be switched back!”

So they set off to find the boy. Soon they came upon a strange bird, with lots of feathers coming out of its head.


(As with the ears, the rooster tail and comb are interchangeable)

“Oh my goodness!” said the dog, “What has happened to you!”

“You look ridiculous” said the cat.

“It isn’t my fault!” the rooster crowed. “I was just pecking in the dirt at the side of the road, when a boy walked by and sneezed! Now my tail is on my head, and my comb is on my bottom.”

The dog spoke up. “We’re looking for the boy, so he’ll sneeze again and put us back how we were, you can come along too.”

So they all continued down the path when,


They heard a sneeze!

“Oh hurry!” Called the cat “That must be the boy!”

But just then something came running toward them.


“Eee! A ghost!” the rooster cried. ‘Run away!”

“Wait please, I’m not a ghost, I’m a pig! Only, I’ve just had all of my beautiful pink sneezed off by a child. I’m so embarrassed.”

“We’ve got to stop him” cried the dog “If we can get him to sneeze again, we’ll be put back the way we should be!”

So they all rushed down the street and found the boy.

“Your sneezes have mixed all of us up!” The dog said, “Please sneeze again so we’ll be fixed.”


“Oh, I’m so sorry about that! My sneezes are magical and cause all sorts of trouble. The only trick is I have to sneeze the same sneeze that caused the trouble in the first place! Let me borrow one of roosters feathers to see if we can fix this.”

So the boy tickled his nose with a feather, and started sneezing.



And the pig got his color back! “Oh thank you!”



And the rooster’s tail went back where it belonged. He was so happy he crowed!

“Achoo, Kapoo, Haibloo!”The ears of the rabbit went back on the rabbit, and the ears of the cat went back on the cat.

“Oh try to say something!” The rabbit said to the dog.

“Woof! Woof!” “meow! We’re all fixed!” the cat said.

So they thanked the boy, and went back home where they lived happily together. The rabbit with his big soft ears, the cat with her tiny ears and voice ‘meow”, and the dog with his big powerful voice.” Woof woof!”


The end

This Flannel Friday is being hosted by Sarah at Read It Again!

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Look And See Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

 Book: Duck! Rabbit! – Amy Krouss Rosenthal


(This was a great book to do with a partner …though I’ve used it myself before. Fun concept and we let the kids vote about what the thought the picture was at the end.)

Activity: Why the Frog Has Big Eyes – from the book by Betsy Franco

(See the full version here)


(A fun visual element for this story, the animals can look around and blink!)

Book: I Spy With My Little Eye – Edward Gibbs

i spy with my little eye 

(Awesome big bright illustrations, and a guessing game make this great for storytime.)

Activity: Matching Game

 (We passed out colored shapes, and then had the kids hold up the match to whatever we called out. A great way to engage them and get some wiggles out.)

Book: In the Foggy Foggy Forest – Nick Sharrett

foggy foggy forest 

(A great predictive story, the kids are suprisingly adept and recognising the silhouettes!)

Activity: Shark in the Park – From the book by Nick Sharratt

(See the full version here)


(This was a fantastic fun element to include. We projected the story, and had the kids stand up and look through their hand ‘telescopes’ with us.)

Book: Little Quacks Hide and Seek – Lauren Thompson



(We added a duck puppet to play mother duck with this book, another hit!)

Activity: Tube Telescopes


(Then the kids got to decorate their Safari Telescopes with toilet paper tubes, markers, and foam stickers.)

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Shark in the Park

From the book by Nick Sharratt

I cut these images from card stock, and them laminated them to use on our overhead projector.


Down at the park a little boy is testing out his brand new toy.

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope, is looking through his telescope.

He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground

He looks left and right, he looks all around and this is what he sees.


(I have a card stock page with just the hole cut out to lay over the other images)

What a nasty surprise! In his loudest voice Timothy cries,

“There’s a Shark in the Park!”


A shark?

Fancy that, it’s only a cat.

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope, looks again through his telescope.

He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground

He looks left and right, he looks all around and this is what he sees.

What a terrible sight! Timothy yells with all his might,

“There’s a Shark in the Park!”


A shark? Oh no! It’s just a crow.

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope, has one more look through his telescope.

He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground

He looks left and right, he looks all around and this is what he sees.

Tim’s has no doubt, what do you think he’s about to shout?

“There’s a Shark in the Park!”


A shark? Not, it’s not and aren’t you glad?

As a matter of fact, it’s Timothy’s dad!

“It’s time to go home Timothy.”

Timothy says “It’s safe to say. There are no sharks in the park today!”


(Then I slowly push the shark into view)


Katie at Story Time Secrets is hosting this week’s Flannel Friday round-up.  Stop by to check out all of the great ideas!


Letter J Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out

Book: Where’s My Mom? (Jungle) – Julia Donaldson


(Such a fun book, the kids loves all the mistakes the butterfly made, and the parents loved the ending.)

Activity: One Was Johnny – Maurice Sendak


1 was Johnny who lived by himself
2 was a rat who jumped on his shelf
3 was a cat who chased the rat
4 was a dog who came in and sat
5 was a turtle who bit the dog’s tail
6 was a monkey who brought in the mail
7 a blackbird pecked poor Johnny’s nose
8 was a tiger out selling old clothes
9 was a robber who took an old shoe
10 was a puzzle–what should Johnny do
He stood on a chair and said,
Here’s what I’ll do–I’ll start to
Count backwards
And when I am through
If this house isn’t empty, I’ll eat
All of you!
9 was the robber who left looking pale
8 was the tiger who chased him to jail
7 was the blackbird flew off to Havana
6 was the monkey who stole the banana
5 was the turtle who crawled off to bed
4 was the dog who slid home on a sled
3 was the cat who pounced on the rat
2 was the rat who left with the cat
1 was Johnny who lived by himself
And liked it like that!

(I drew the room on a white board, and used tape to stick on the figures. The explosion Johnny has to scare the masses away always tickles the children.)

Book: Sheep in a Jeep – Nancy Shaw


(Fun illustrations, and great opportunity to talk about what is happening beyond the text.)

Activity: Two Little Jellyfish – (adapted from Two Little Blackbirds)

Two little jellyfish drifting in the tide
One named Jenny and one named Clyde.
Jiggle away Jenny, jiggle away Clyde.
Come back Jenny, come back Clyde.
Two little jellyfish swimming in a bowl,
One named fast and one named slow…
Two little jellyfish swimming in a pool,
One named warm, and one named cool…
Two little jellyfish swimming in a cup,
One named down and one named up…
Two little jellyfish swimming undeterred,
One named back and one named forward…
Two little jellyfish swimming in the deep,
One named awake and one asleep..
(Our hands were the jellyfish, with the fingers being the tentacles, great fun!)

Book: Jellyfish – Carol K Lindeen


(The second group I had was a bit more restless, but the first group really liked this, the parents too!)

Activity: Jumping Joey – from King County Library

Jumping Joey went a jumping joyfully to town
Jumping Joey got so tired jumping up and down
Jumping Joey asked his mother, “Could I have a ride?”
Jumping Joey’s mother answered, “Sure, just jump inside!”

(Probably the biggest hit, we jumped during the rhyme, and then did a big jump and wrapped our arms around our knees in the ‘pocket’.)

Book: Jump – Scott Fisher


(The kids had fun identifying each new creature that appeared. Another hit!)

Activity: Bubbles

(Then the kids got to jump in bubbles. Maybe a bit of cheating, but I was worn out after all the jumping!)