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Five Little Ghosties

on October 21, 2013

Based on the popular Chocolate Chip Ghost, I decided to put the story to rhyme and make it a counting as well as color identification activity.

(Sandytoesandpopsicles has a fantastically adorable printable version)


Five little ghosties shining clean and white,

Waiting for their mother to bring dinner for the night.

One little ghost said ‘I’m too hungry to wait!’

Grabbed up some ____ and that is what it ate.

It swallowed it all down into its hungry tum.

Do you know what color did that ghost did become?

Count down remaining ghosts end with…


One mother ghostie, shining clean and white,

Brought home to her little ones dinner for the night.

When she saw the colors her ghosts had become,

She knew just what do to, and put into their tums,

A tall glass of milk, and a marshmallow or three.

Then her little ghosties were as white as white could be!


(rather than making matching felt food, I just used images we have for another activity.)


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