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Ghost Storytime

on October 23, 2013

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Three Little Ghosties – Pippa Goodhart

Three Little Ghosties

(Not much story here, but the illustrations are playful, and there’s great personality.)

Activity: In the Dark Dark Woods (see the full version here)


(Just a little bit spooky. It’s great to do again and have the kids try to remember what part comes next.)

Book: Ghost in the House – Ammi-Joan Paquette


(A little ghost find lots of things in the house, but wasn’t expecting a live boy! Adorable illustrations.)


Activity: Ghost Hunt (Adapted from the traditional ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’)

We’re going on a ghost hunt

We’re going to catch a spooky one! (wiggle fingers by face)

With a wiggly body.

and a big round mouth.

Look over there!

It’s a river…

(Hop across the river, Sludge through the muddy field, sneak past the haunted house,

duck under the branchy forest, and then we find a ghost in the graveyard!)


(This was a fun adaptation of a tried and true activity.)

Book: Ghosts in the House – Kazuno Kohara


(An adorable and original story. I love everything about it.)

Activity: Five Little Ghosts (See the full version here)


(This has a fun interactive element with the kids predicting the colors that the ghosts will turn. Very fun!)

Book: Mine! – Mathilde Stein


(This book is a little bit long, but the pacing is fantastic so I left it as is. Even at the end of the program, the kids were very into it.)

Activity:  Ghost Craft


(Then we taped paper cut in strips into a plastic cup for a little ghost. With yarn attached to the top, the kids had a great time ‘flying’ their ghost friends through the air.)

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