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Book Babies 4.2

on December 4, 2013


Our handouts are printed on both sides of a normal sheet of paper, folded in half to form a brochure of sorts. This go-round I’ve used a high-contrast image (adapted from photographs) on our covers. I also have an image by each rhyme, which creates a nice talking point for children too young to read. …and because I’m a very visual person.

We open each program with Baby Hop, from the CD Diaper Gym.

Then we read the first of two books, which alternate depending on what is available. See my Book Babies/Lapsit Titles page for suggestions.


When Cats Get Up  from Wiggleworms Love You (We also used stuffed animals with this)

When cats get up in the morning

They always say “Good day!”

When cat’s get up in the morning

This is what they say,

“Meow, meow, meow, meow,”

This is what they say.

(continue with bird, cow, duck, etc.)


The airplane has great big wings, (stretch arms wide)

Its propeller spins and sings, “Vvvvvv….”

(arms spin around)

The airplane goes up, (lift arms up)

The airplane goes down, (lower arms)

The airplane flies high, (raise up)

all over town! (spin in circle)

Two Little Blackbirds

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill

One named Jack and One named Jill

Fly away Jack

Fly away Jill

Come back Jack

Come back Jill

…sitting in the snow, one named fast, on named slow…

…sitting on a cloud, one named quiet, one named loud…

…sitting on a pole, one named high, one named low…

We read our second book here.

Rainbow Colors (We identify each color as we put it on the board, then sing through the song a couple of times.)

tune: Hush, Little Baby
Rainbow purple, rainbow blue
Rainbow green and yellow, too
Rainbow orange, rainbow red
Rainbow smiling overhead.


Mix a Pancake

 Mix a pancake, (roll hands)

stir a pancake, (stirring motion)

Pop it in the pan. (bounce baby in lap)

Fry the pancake (rock)

Toss the pancake (lift)

Catch it if you can!

(bring baby down and cuddle)

Wiggle Your La-de-dah! from Ralphs World

Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your fingers, hey la-de-dah.

Who is wiggling I am wiggling hey la-de-dah!

Move your hands, move your hands, hey la-de-da.

Who is moving, you are moving hey la-de-dah!

Up and down and up and down

Walk and wave and hey la-de-dah, hey la-de-dah.

Bend you elbows, bend your elbows, hey la-de-dah.

Who is bending, I am bending, hey la-de-dah.

Straighten your arms, straighten your arms, hey la-de-dah

Who is moving you are moving hey la-de-dah!

Up and down and up and down

Walk and wave and hey la-de-dah, hey la-de-dah.

Then we play Personal Penguin by Sandra Boynton while we blow bubbles from our bubble machine.

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