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What Did You Put In Your Pocket

on April 17, 2014

This not-so-flannel entry is adapted from the book by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers


Here is my lovely clean pocket! It’s a ziplock bag, with felt hot glued to the front (to make it look more pockety) and safety pins holding in onto the apron from the back. I also wore a rubber glove to keep my fingers clean.

Tune: Skip to my Lou

What did you put in your pocket? What did you put in your pocket?

In your pockety, pockety, pocket  early Monday morning?

I put in a tissue, I put in a tissue, a nosy blowsy tissue, early Monday morning!

…should you put used tissue in your pocket? No? Oh!

(Continue with other days of the week and items. Tuesday-Crumbly Tumbly Dirt, Wednesday-Sippy Drippy Juice, Thursday-Swirly Twirly Spaghetti, Friday-Snipped and Clipped Hair, Saturday-Ooey Gooey Lotion, Sunday-Trendy Bendy Fingers) 



I changed the items from the book to fit what I could easy get a hold of. It worked great! The lotion seemed to get the biggest Eww! which surprised me. 


The aftermath of the activity. During one of the programs a child asked to do it again! (you can see my glove in this shot, it stayed in the bag). 

This weeks Flannel Friday is hosted by Libraryland

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