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There was a random post across from the reference desk in our Childrens section. I wanted to do something with it for a while, but couldn’t decide just what to do. Finally inspiration struck, it’s a signpost! Now our patrons can always find their way. =]

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Letter Q Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: Little Quack’s New Friend – Lauren Thompson


(A fun story about accepting difference, well received by the kids.)

Activity: 5 Little Ducks (quack)


(The classic song, with some bonus ducklings to act it out!) 

Book: Quick as a Cricket – Don and Audrey Wood


(We acted out the different qualities of the animals, fun interactive potential)

Activity: Roll, Roll, Roll Your Hands (quickly)

tune: row, row, row your boat


Roll, roll, roll your hands,
As slowly as can be.
Roll, roll, roll your hands,
Do it now with me.
Roll, roll, roll your hands,
As quickly can be.
Roll, roll, roll your hands,
Do it now with me.

Clap, clap, clap your hands…
Shake, shake, shake your hands…
Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet…

(A fun, simple activity that you can add to or reduce easily.)

Book: Little Raccoons Big Question – Miriam Schlein


(Little Raccoon want’s to know when Mamma loves him most. If the illustrations weren’t so charming, I think this wouldn’t have worked for storytime. It was okay though.)

Activity: Q words Quilt

Which items start with Q and belong on the Q quilt?

We showed each item one at a time until the quilt was full with Queen, Question Mark, Quarter, Quiet, Quail and Quidditch!

Q quilt

(A chance for the kids to show off their smarts! …which they love. )

Book: Quiet Night – Marilyn Singer

quiet night

(The kids were pretty amped, so we just did the first five creatures.)

Activity: Quail Craft

Then the kids got to make a quail to take home! They colored the card stock (identical on the other half of the circle), then attached the feather and pipe cleaner.

quail craft

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