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Robot Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Rolie Polie Olie – James Joyce

(Just a smidge long, so we clip some pages. A very fun story though, the kids quite like it.) 

Activity: Build a Bot

(A fun way to identify shapes, and have kids predict what each shape would be used for.) 

Book: Boy + Bot – Ame Dyckman

(A really sweet and funny story. It demonstrates that differences don’t mean you can’t get along.) 

Activity: Lights on the Robot

Tune: The Wheels on the Bus

The arms of the robot swing up and down,
Up and down, up and down,
The arms of the robot swing up and down,
All around the room.

The legs of the robot move back and forth…
The head of the robot turns side to side…
The lights on the robot blink on and off (blink eyes)…
The hands of the robot open and close…
The voice of the robot says beep, beep, beep…

(build on each thing, so by the end all of the actions are being done)

(A fun activity for identifying body parts and working on motor skills.) 

Book: Fix This Mess – Ted Arnold

(A very fun book in both the illustrations and the premise. The boy does not like how his robot cleans, and eventually the robot finds the best solution.) 

Activity: Robot Zot 
adapted from the book by Jon Scieszka

(A really engaging ‘puppet’ show. It’s very simplified from the original text.) 

“Robot Zot—Wham Bot! Robot Zot—Bam Bot!
Robot Zot—never fall. Robot Zot—Conquer all!”

Robot Zot crashed his attack ship on earth, there he meets a dangerous enemy!

Bring appliance into view (follow pattern with each)…interact with kids…”does this look like a dangerous enemy? Robot Zot thinks so! Who will win? Robot Zot yells his battle cry,

 “Robot Zot—never fall. Robot Zot—Conquer all!”

Mock battle with Robot Zot and the appliance, Robot Zot wins, hurrah! Then, another appliance (three in all, a vacuum, blender, and mixers)…until the last round, with the pink and blue toy.

Does this look like an enemy?

“This not enemy, is Queen of all Earth.
Robot Zot—rescue bot, Robot Zot—hero bot! ”

Book: Robot Burp Head Smartypants – Annette Simon

(The kids love fthe ake burping, and the baby with the biggest burp.) 

Activity: Instruments

(We ended with instruments this week.) 

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In the Sky Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Kite Day – Will Hillendbrand

(Lovely illustrations and a pretty well paced story.)

Flannel Board: There Was a Bold Lady – 
adapted from the book by Charise Harper

(I think this worked better as a flannel board story than as a book. The kids like identifying the different modes of transport the bold lady uses.) 

There was a bold lady who wanted a star. I don’t know why she wanted a star, it seemed so far.

So she gets some shoes, trades them for skates, trades them for a bike, trades it for a car, trades that for a plane, trades that for a rocket, and finally catches the star in her pocket.

Book: Birds – Kevin Henkes

(This book is fantastic in it’s simplicity. I love when I get the chance to use it.) 

Song/Activity: Hey Diddle Diddle

(Not quite as engaging as it has been for other groups, maybe it was just a less enthusiastic day.) 

The cow tried to jump behind, under and onto the moon, before the kids helped it remember where it should go. Over the moon! Then we all stood up and did the rhyme with actions.

Hey diddle diddle, the Cat and the fiddle,
(pretend to play fiddle)
The Cow jumped over the moon.
(jump up)
The little Dog laughed to see such fun,
(hold or tickle belly)
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.
(run in place)

Book: Butterfly, Butterfly – Petr Herowitz

(Lovely bright images, a simple repetitive format, and a fun pop-out ending always make this a hit.) 

Flannel Song: Fireworks

(A nice simple rhyme with a big Boom! make this an engaging addition. Though the kids aren’t to great at joining in on the rhyme, they were excited about identifying the colors.) 

We sit and look at the dark night sky
waiting for the fireworks to start to fly.
Then with a Boom (clap hands) and a flash of light
a big RED firework sparkles in the night!

(continue with other colors)

Book: Ken’s Cloud – Isabel M. Arques

(I really like this book, it’s creative and has a predictive element.) 

Activity: Bubbles


(Bubbles are great at floating up into the sky!) 

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The Five Senses

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: I Feel a Foot – Maranke Rinck

(I love these illustrations. The kids like the predictive element. It is a smidge wordy, but I think worth it.) 

Activity: The Bear Went Over the Mountain

(Once the kids get the hand of the tune, this is a great activity. They also like identifying the rhyming image each time.) 

The bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain,
The bear went over the mountain, to see what he could see…

He saw a fox in a box there, he saw a fox in a box there,
He saw a fox in a box there, and that is what he saw!

Rather than ended at the first verse, we continue on and have the bear see rhyming patters, like the fox in the box, then the fox goes over the mountain to see something! Our pairs also include a bee in a tree, a goat in a boat, and a frog on a log. Then we bring it back around and end with a Bear in a Chair!

Book: The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear – Don and Audrey Wood


(There are always some kids that recognize this, it’s a hit!) 

Activity: Do you like? – from Super Simple Learning

(We modified some of the foods from the original based on what we had on hand. The kids really liked seeing the gross combinations.) 

Book: Hattie and the Fox – Mem Fox

hattie and the fox

(This wasn’t as big a hit as it has been in the past, but still worked well.) 

Activity: A Beautiful Girl – from the book by Emma Schwartz


(Jenna meets lots of different animals who wonder why she’s different. Here she explains to little elephant the she hasn’t got a trunk, but her nose is very useful. Good interaction with the kids on this too.)

Book: Rain – Manya Stojic


(We only did the first half of this book, due to time constraints, but it was a nice fit. Great illustrations!) 

Activity: Streamers


(We let the kids play with streamers, which they could swirl around like falling rain.) 

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Letter S Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Some Smug Slug – Pamela Duncan Edwards

Some Smug Slug by Pamela Duncan Edwards HarperTrophy,2

(A lovely alliterative story, with a satisfying surprise ending. We did clip a couple of pages, as they were a bit redundant.) 

Activity: Baa-Baa Black Sheep

Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full;

One for the master, and one for the dame,

And one for the little boy who lives down the lane

Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full.


(We sang Baa Baa Black Sheep, then this little guy popped up because no one ever sang about the white sheep! So we did, and then he put on different colors so that more were represented. The idea of the sheep puppet with other colors was taken from Amy White of the Orem Public Library)

Book: I’m a Shark – Bob Shea


(Bob Shea is pretty well a guaranteed hit. This had great illustrations for storytime, and a very fun plot.)

Activity: Spider on the floor

There’s a Spider on the floor, on the floor.

There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.

There’s a spider on the floor, it just crawled in through the door,

There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.

…there’s a spider on my shoe, and I don’t know what to do!…

…there’s a spider on my knee, and it’s looking right at me!…

…there’s a spider on my tummy, and I really want my mommy…

…there’s a spider on my arm, it won’t do me any harm (I hope)…

…there’s a spider on my neck, and I’m a nervous wreck…

…there’s a spider on my head, and I’m feeling full of dread…

and then it jumps down!

…there’s a spider on the floor, I’m not worried any more…


(Each little kid got a cotton ball for their spider, and we moved them the the places as we sang the song. Good times!)

Book: I Spy Under the Sea – Edward Gibbs



(A very simple guessing book with nice big pictures. A hit!)

Activity: Sammy the Snake

Sammy the snake is searching for a snack

But only if it starts with ‘S’.

Is this something Sammy will eat?

No, or yes?










CAM00808 (1)


(We start with the short Sammy, then introduce different images and have the kids tell us if it starts with ‘s’. If so, we flip it over to the silhouette side, and add it to Sammy’s stomach! This was lots of fun, the kids really like showing their smarts. We didn’t use all the images, but felt out when interest was starting to wane, about eight things.) 

Book: Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes – Eric Litwin



(Can’t go wrong with Pete the Cat, a great finish for our program.) 

Activity: Streamers

(Then we played with Streamers! It was a well received program all around.) 

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