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Letter T Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: It’s a Tiger – David LaRochelle

(A very fun book, the kids are great at joining in on ‘It’s a Tiger!’)

Activity:  TV With T-Rex
adapted from the story Worm Watches by Kathy Caple


(This is a very fun story I adapted for our letter. T-Rex watches a movie with clowns and laughs, watches movie with monsters and hides, watches a movie with crying and cries, then watches a movie with kissing and falls asleep. Everyone loved it!) 

Book: Treasure Bath – Dan Andreasen

(A very nice book, great pictures and a pretty clear story even with no text. It’s always been a hit!) 

Activity: I Had a Little Turtle

I had a little Turtle
(Sign language for Turtle)
His name was Tiny Tim I put him in the bathtub
(set ‘turtle’ onto the floor)
To see if he could swim
(pantomime swimming)
He drank up all the water
(pretend to drink)
He ate up all the soap
(pretend to eat)
and now he’s sick in bed with a bubble in his throat!
(point to throat)
Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble, bubble,
(hands make bubble shape, and move farther apart)
Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble POP!
(hands end up far apart, then come together for a loud Clap!)

(This is a fun little activity. The kids that don’t already know it catch on really quickly.)

Book: Where is My Teddy – Jez Alborough

(I think the kids like the follow up story better, but this emphasised the Teddy, so we used it, and it was okay.) 

Activity: The Bears Toothache
from the book by David M. McPhail

(A very engaging activity. I need to make a post just for this story soon!) 

Book: Tickle the Duck – Ethan Long

(A super fun book! One day we had a crowd a little too eager to join in the tickling. The other day they were very well behaved, and on the last page we took the book around to give them the chance to tickle …since the duck had said it was okay.)  =]

Activity: Toy Instruments

(We finished today by playing with Toy instruments.) =P

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Back to School Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Foxy – Emma Dodd

(A bit abstract, but really fun illustrations, and goofs on Fox’s part.) 

Activity: Little Cuckoo clock

(Sometimes the simplest stuff is the best stuff. The clock is drawn on a piece of foam, with the hour hand stuck in the center. We just moved it to the next number before the next verse of the song, then stopped and 4:00 and just counted the rest of the numbers. )

Tick tock, tick tock, I’m a little cuckoo clock.
(swing arms in rythem)
Tick tock, tick tock, now it’s one o’clock.
Cuckoo! (jump once)

(Continue with two, three, four and five o’clock.)

Book: Oliver and his Alligator – Paul Schmid

(I was a little hesitant about including this, but it was quite a hit! The kids and parents both enjoyed it, and it had some nice talking point opportunities.) 

Activity: If You’re Wearing Any Red…
Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It

If you’re wearing any red, any red
If you’re wearing any red, any red
If you’re wearing any red,
wave your hands above your head,
If your clothes have any red, any red.

…if you’re wearing any blue,
jump up and down inside your shoes,
…if you’re wearing any white,
scrunch your face up small and tight,
…if you’re wearing any yellow,
jiggle like a bowl of jello-o,
…if you’re wearing any green,
tilt sideways ‘till you lean,
…if you’re wearing any brown,
make a face like a clown,
…if you’re wearing any purple,
spin around in a circle,
…if you’re wearing any black,
pat yourself right on the back
…if your wearing any gray,
go ahead and shout Hurray!
…if you’re wearing any orange,
pretend to sleep and snoreange.

(The kids really like this activity, the only trouble is when we don’t have enough time to include every color.) 

Book: Little Lola – Julie Saab

(This was a very nice addition. A few of the spreads were a little busy for storytime, but not enough to exclude it.) 

Activity: There’s a Dog in School

(A really fun activity. There is a recording available out there, but I like the freedom of including a dinosaur!)

There’s a Dog in School, oh no!
What are we going to do?
As long as there’s a dog in school,
he’ll have to learn the alphabet too.

Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, etc…

(continue with other animals)

Book: Ollie’s School Day – Stephanie Calmenson


(We do clip a few of the pages, but the kids quite like correcting Ollie’s sillyness.) 

Activity: Books

(We end our back to school program by giving away free books to the kids!)

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Shark Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug – Lynn Rowe Reed

(This was just a bit long, so we clipped some pages, and it worked great. ) 

Activity: 5 little fishes

(This was a hit, I think especially because of our shark puppet.) 

Five little fishes swimming in the sea,
Teasing Mr. Shark, “You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!”
(buzz lips with fingers)
Along came Mr. Shark as quiet as can be
and SNAPPED that fish right out of the sea!

(count down remaining)

Book: The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark – Ken Geist

(I was a little reluctant about the wordiness of this, but it really worked well. The kids like the variation of the traditional story.) 

Activity: Baby shark

Baby shark, Do doo, do do do(x3)
(make jaws with pointer finger and thumb) 
Brother Shark Do doo, do do do(x3)
(jaws with two hands joined at wrist)
Momma shark, Do doo, do do do(x3)
(shark jaws with forearms connected at elbows) 
Daddy shark, Do doo, do do do(x3)
(shark jaws with full arms)
Grandpa shark, Do doo, do do do(x3)
(Daddy Shark, curl fingers for gums)
Now let’s swim, Do doo, do do do,
From the shark, Do doo, do do do (x3) (doggy paddle)
Gotca! (clap hands together!)

(The kids liked this more than I expected. It’s a really simple premise, and a nice simple filler.) 

Book: Shark and Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventure  – Viviane Schwartz


(A cute premise, fun characters, but not so well suited to group reading. The pages tend to be a bit busy with smaller images, and it runs a smidge long.) 

Activity: Shark in the Park –
adapted from the book by Nick Sharratt
see the full version here.

(The kids love projector stories, and this is so well suited for it.) 

Book: I’m a Shark – Bob Shea

(A really fun book, as is everything by Bob Shea) 

Activity: Bubbles

(We ended the program with watery bubbles!)

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