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Boxes Storytime

I wasn’t sure I’d find enough material for this theme, but there was loads of stuff! Even so, the program in general felt a bit flat.

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: The Birthday Box – Leslie Patricelli


(A nice simple story about a birthday present made into much more that it’s giver intended.)

Flannel Board: Where’s Tumpty? (Polly Dunbar)

(Tumpty is certain he’s hidden, but he’s quite large. Eventually he finds the perfect place. The kids quite liked this. )


Book: Inside Outside Upside Down – Stan & Jan Berenstain

(A fun story, but it felt rather short during the program.)

Activity: I like to be a jack in the box

 Sometimes I like to hide in a box (Crouch with hands over head)

My handle spins around.  (spin one arm around)

Then after a little while …

Boooiiing! (Jump up!) It’s me you found!

(This was fun, but the kids always enjoy jumping! We did it a number of times.)

Book: Chloe – Peter McCarthy

(The little rabbit doesn’t like the new TV so much, but the box it came in is loads of fun!)

Puppets: Thank You Bear  (Greg Foley)

(Bear finds a box, looks inside and thinks ‘This is the greatest thing ever!’ On his way to give it to mouse, the other animals he meets make him think maybe it isn’t so great after all.)

Book: Magic Box – Katie Cleminson

(Katie gets a magical box, and pulls all sorts of wonderful things out of it. After the big party with dancing and music, she makes it all go away …well, almost. Nice big illustrations)

Activity: Instruments

(I had a box that I introduced at the beginning of storytime, and at the end the kids got to look inside. It was full of instruments and we had our own party!)

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Dragon Storytime

This was a storytime I took over last minute when a colleague called in sick. She had some books selected, and I spent about three hours throwing the rest together! (The activity details are at the end of the post)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: The Knight and the Dragon – Tomi DePaula

(this is a great book to chat about during reading, due to some wordless pages being incorporated)

Activity: Little Dragon’s Birthday (see at end)

(made a little cake from an oatmeal tube, with straw candles that I could raise and lower the flames of…after the candle blows them on the first time the kids got to blow them out, then use their dragon breath to blow them on again.)

Book: When a Dragon Moves in – Jodi Moore

(I found out with my first group that this was too long, and it went much better when I paper clipped about five pages from the middle.)

Activity: Dragon, Dragon (see at end)

(I believe this is a variation of the Teddy Bear version, I changed it further.)

Book: Baby Dragon – Amy Ehrlich

(I think this is a very cute story, love the illustrations. It was a little wordy, so I did more telling than reading.)

Activity: Five Knights in Shining Armor

(Used knights on the flannel board, with the words posted as well. It was more popular than I expected, with parents singing along.)

Book: The Paper Bag Princess – Robert Munch

(Great just the way it is!)

Craft: Paper Plate Shields

(2nd week in a row with crafts! So glad when this inspiration hit, was desperately scrambling and couldn’t find anything to round out the storytime. Used paper plates and rolled strips of card stock (like making a paper chain) and glued one roll on the plate as a handle. The kids colored the convex surface.)

The Parts:

Little Dragon’s Birthday-

Once upon a time there lived a little dragon.  He lived with his parents in the great woods. Like all dragons, he puffed fire. Little Dragon puffed orange fire. On Little Dragon’s birthday, his mother said, “I’ve made a birthday cake for you. You may run and look for your friends. Tell them to come and have some birthday cake.”
Little Dragon ran into the woods. He found Mouse, Mole, and Turtle there. “It’s my birthday”, he said. “Come and have some birthday cake.” “Thank you,” they answered. “We’d like to come. But tells us something, please. With your breath of fire, how do you blow out your candles?” “Wait and see,” he told them, and they followed Little Dragon to his house. Mother Dragon put the cake on the table. Little Dragon made his wish, and then he blew a big breath of fire. He lit every candle on the cake! “OH,” laughed his friends. “Now we know what dragons do. They don’t blow out the candles. They blow them on!” “That’s what we do,” laughed Little Dragon. “And I got my wish, too.”

Dragon, Dragon-
Dragon, dragon, turn around
Dragon, dragon, touch the ground
Dragon, dragon, fly up high
Dragon, dragon, soar in the sky
Dragon, dragon, clean your scales
Dragon, dragon, shake your tails
Dragon, dragon, give a roar
Dragon, dragon, drop to the floor.

(we took some time acting out each section, ending in a ‘nap’ pose.)

Five Knights in Shining Armor-

 Five knights in shining armor,

Fearless and brave,

Went hunting for a dragon

In a deep dark cave.

The dragon breathed some fire,

The knights were all aquiver

And one little knight

Ran and dove into the river!

 (Count down remaining knights)


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Mexico Storytime

(Done for the One World Many Stories summer reading program)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: A Party for Papa Louis – Diane Gonzales Bertrand


(I prepared this to be read in spanish and english for each page, but most of my kids were too young so i just did english. It was okay, not great.)

Puppets: Under My Sombrero(see at end)

adapted from Bajo mi sombrero by Anne E. Schraff

(I wore a big sombrero and stuffed the animals into it. The kids loved this ‘The Mitton’-esk story.)

Book: Pedro’s Burro – Alyssa Satin Capucilli


(Fun, and you can have the kids look for the Burro with the sombrero!)

Activity: Mexican Hat Dance from the CD Folk Dance Fun

(Make a big circle around a sombrero, I used the basic dance from this link. Lots of fun!)

Book: Cuckoo – Lois Ehlert


(The illustrations were a little complex for a storytime, I felt…it was difficult for the kids to see the story on some of the pages from a distance.)

Flannelboard: from The Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb – Shirley Climo


To see the full version, click here!

(I made a little ant puppet, and used the Mexican words for the animals. It was good!)

Book: Musicians of the Sun – Gerald McDermott


(There were fun characters to voice…you get to be the wind and the sun! And I adore McDermott’s illustrations.)

Craft: Paper Bag Maraccas

Put beans in a paper bag that the kids get to decorate, then twist and tape the bottom!

The Parts:

Under My Sombrero – adapted from Bajo mi sombrero by Anne E. Schraff

It was a hot day, muy caliente, when I went out for a walk. I wore my big sombrero, it cast lots of cool shade.

As I walked along, I met a bird. It saw my big sombrero and the cool shade and asked to share my sombrero. “Puedo, Por Favor?” it asked, “Can I please?” It is a very big sombrero, so I shared it with the bird.

Then I met a mouse as I walked along, and the mouse saw my big sombrero and all the cool shade it cast. The mouse asked if it could share the sombrero, “Puedo, Por Favor?”  It’s a very big sombrero, so I shared with the mouse.

As I walked in the hot sun I met a cat. The cat saw my big sombrero and the cool shade it cast. It asked to share my sombrero, “Puedo, Por Favor?” I still had room so I shared my sombrero with the cat.

A little further down the road I met a frog who was sitting in the hot sun. It saw the shade from my large sombrero, and it asked to share, “Puedo, Por Favor?” There was still some room in my sombrero, so I shared with the frog.

My hat was a little bit heavy as I walked further down the road in the hot sun. But my sombrero kept me cool. I met a pig who saw my sombrero, and asked if it could share “Puedo, Por Favor?” There wasn’t much room, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I said it could share.

My sombrero was full now, but as I walked further down the road I met a dog. The dog saw the cool shade from my sombrero and asked if it could share, “Puedo, Por Favor?” My hat was full, but the dog was muy caliente, very hot, out in the sun…so I said it could share.

It was very full under my sombrero; it wasn’t big enough for so many! I told all the animals, “Get out, there is no room! Everybody go away!” Out came the dog and the pig. out jumped the frog. Out scurried the cat and the mouse, and out flew the bird. Now it’s just me under my big sombrero, and it fits just right!

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