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Bones Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Bone Dog – Eric Rohmann


(Charming illustrations, and just enough scaryness without being too scary.)

Song: This Old Man – traditional

This old man, he played one, (hold up finger)

He played knick-knack on my thumb;

With a knick-knack (clap, clap) paddywhack, (slap knees)

Give the dog a bone, (pat knees)

This old man came rolling home. (roll hands)

 Continue with increasing numbers


(This was a fun counting and rhyming activity. We’d ask the kids what rhymed with each number. Three ended up knick-knacking on pee!)

Book: Skeleton Hiccups – Margery Cuyler


(A cute book with nice big pictures, and a bit of interactive potential.)

Activity: Bones in My Body


(We stood up and wiggled each body part that we added to the list. I made up the words and tune, so you can do it chanty, or make up something!)

Book: The Skeleton in the Closet – Alice Schertle


(Such cute pictures! They keep the creeping skeleton from being too scary. A lovely find.)

Flannel Story: Bone Soup – from the story by Cambria Evans (full version here)


(My favorite part of the program. The kids all thought the soup was disgusting!)

Book: Halloween Forest – Marion Dane Bauer


(Fun pictures, and a nice Halloween ending made this a lovely finish to the program. It didn’t hurt that

Activity: Streamers

(And if we had no bones, how would we be? Just like wibbly streamers! We danced to the song Dem Bones by Five Little Monkeys)


Silly Stories Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Ducks Don’t Wear Socks – John Nedwidek

ducks dont wear socks

(This is always a hit!)

Flannel Board : The Hat – from the book Squid and Octopus by Tao Nyeu


(A fun short story, Octopus finds a hat …our kids know what it really is… but everyone in the ocean thinks it’s something different.)

Book: Imogene’s Antlers – David Small


(The reveal at the end was what really sold this classic for my group. They didn’t seem too impressed during.)

Activity: My Silly Hat – adapted from SurLaLune

Tune: This Old Man

On my head I wear a hat,

It is such a silly hat.

Wear it hear and there and to and fro,

Where else can my silly hat go?

(continue song with different body parts)

(We used bean bags as our silly hats, which was quite fun, and the kids are great at suggesting where the ‘hat’ can go next, from toes to bums.)

Book: Pigs to the Rescue – John Himmelman

Pigs to the Rescue-thumb-300x240-4541

(This is a fun book from Himmelman’s series. The pigs just can’t seem to get anything quite right.)

Activity: I’m Being Eaten By a Boa Constrictor – Shel Silverstein (idea by Liesl Johnson)

(With a sleeping bag prop, this is a great engaging poem. I do it a couple of times, and have the kids shout out what part of me the Boa Constrictor is nibbling on.)

Book: Oh, Daddy! – Bob Shea


(Such a fun simple book. I love everything about it!)

Activity: Silly Streamers

(Then we finished by dancing with our streamers.)

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What We Wear Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Ducks Don’t Wear Socks – jp Nedwick


Song: Bring Your Clothes – from the CD Whaddaya think of that? by Laurie Berkner

 (act out the song as it goes!)

Book: No! That’s Wrong! – jp Ji


Flannel Board: I’m Invited to a Party! by Mo Willems

 (used the same text, acted out with stick puppets. They would switch during each change.)

Book: Ella Sarah Gets Dressed – jp Chodos-Irvine


Song: Mitten Song – from the CD H.U.M. all year longby Carole Peterson

 (A really basic song, not sure I’m a big fan of it, but it was something to do!)

Book: Froggy Gets Dressed – jp London


Activity: If Your Clothes Have Any Red

(A fun activity, I did have to interject a purple for a little girl that was just waiting to have a turn doing something! I don’t remember what I rhymed with purple, but it was there when I needed it.)

The Parts:

If Your Clothes Have Any Red

If your clothes have any red, any red

If your clothes have any red, any red

If your clothes have any red,

put your hands above your head,

If your clothes have any red, any red.

…if your clothes have any blue,

jump up and down inside your shoes,

…if your clothes have any white,

scrunch your face up small and tight,

…if your clothes have any yellow,

jiggle like a bowl of jello-o,

…if your clothes have any green,

tilt sideways ‘till you lean,

…if your clothes have any brown,

turn around and around,

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