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Letter D Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

(I started off by introducing the letter, and then asked the kids for some words that started with D. After some examples I showed a list of D words that would appear in our storytime: Duck, Doll, Dance, Dog, Dragon, Dinosaur.)

Book: Do Like a Duck Does – Judy Hindley


(I’ve used this a number of times, and it’s always a big hit!)

Flannel Board: Five Little Dolls


One little doll sat way up high

She fell off and began to cry.

She hit the ground and her side went ‘Crack

Another doll came to help her back.

Two little dolls sat way up high,

One fell off and began to cry…


 (last verse)

Five little dolls sat way up high,

Now they never fell off and never did cry

How many dolls were up so high?

One two three, four and five.

(I really wanted to do this rhyme, and perhaps I will for Thursday’s group, if I can find my matryoshka dolls! Instead I did the variation of ‘One Little Elephant’ that I used for Circus Storytime with my clown figures, and just said Doll in place of Clown.)

Book: Hilda Must Be Dancing – Karma Wilson


(I lovely bright book with a very satisfying ending. It felt just a tinsy bit long today.)

Activity: Silly Dance Contest – From the CD The Sneezing Song… by Jim Gill

(A great guided dance song, and the kids were ready to get some energy out!)

Book: Paper Bag Princess – Robert Munch

The Paper Bag Princess

(This was a big hit! I worried a little about the length after Hilda, needlessly.)

Flannel Board: Where oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
Oh where, oh where can he be
With his ears cut short and his tail cut long
Oh where, oh where can he be?


(Oh, this was a good time! I had trouble hiding the puppy discreetly, so the kids had to close their eyes while I put the pieces up. We did it three times, singing after each hiding with the kids choosing which item to look under, and they still wanted more! Good thing I had dinosaurs coming) ~.o

Book: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? – Jane Yolen


(This series is fantastic, the text and illustrations are perfectly matched. Kids love them!)

Activity: Streamers

(Then the kids got to dance some more, but with streamers. One of the best receptions I’ve had in a while.)

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Dancing Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Baby Danced the Polka – Karen Beaumont


(This was well received, better than I’d hoped actually!)

Puppets: Down by the Cool of the Pool – from the book by Tony Mitton

Frog is dancing by the pool ‘Wheee! Can you dance like me?’. ‘No’, said Duck, ‘But I can flap!’. So Duck went Flap and frog went  ‘Wheee! Can you dance like me?’ down by the cool of the pool.

(I just continued building on this format until I had Dog rolling over, Pig wiggling, sheep stamping, cat twirling, duck flapping and frog jumping. I used critters I had on hand and matched actions I could make them do, staying with the story where possible. It was pretty fun!)

Book: Dancing Feet – Lindsey Craig

(A fun simple guessing game book, with great illustrations)

Activity: Silly Dance Contest – from the CD The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tune by Jim Gill

 (You know a song went over well when a parent asks where to find it afterwards!)

Book: Hilda Must Be Dancing – Karma Wilson

(So adorable and sweet and visually stunning. Everyone gets a happy ending!)

Activity: Five Ballet Dancers

 Five Ballet Dancers,

Balance on their toes.

Twist and twirl and leap,

then off the stage one goes!

(I’m not sure if the kids were disinterested, or enthralled by these paper dancers, but no one sang along! I’m going to pretend it was enthralled) =P

Book: Farmyard Beat – Lindsey Craig

(A fun book with great opportunity for interaction. My only complaint is that kids understand cows going Moo rather than Swish, clank.) -.o

Activity: Streamers with music

I played the awesome Miss Opotomus from the Purple Ladybug music album. Everyone had a super time. Even the girl who was shy at the beginning was flailing about with her streamers. =]

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Silly Stories Storytime

(it felt like there were quite a few hits and misses in this program, maybe it was just the week after Christmas funk.)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub – Audrey Wood


(well recieved, it’s got some pretty stunning illustrations.)

Poem: I’ve Turned into a Carrot – Jack Prelutsky

 (I made a carrot puppet to recite this poem. It wasn’t a hit, but it wasn’t a complete flop either. I had a rabbit puppet that chased away the carrot at the end.)

Book: Oh Daddy! – Bob Shea


(This was popular, Shea has such great illustrations!) 

Activity: Silly Willy – fromt he CD Dr. Jean sings silly songs by Dr. Jean

(My first group wasn’t very eager to play along…I feel like the format of the song was a little strange, sometimes adding everthing together, sometimes just moving to the next body part. The second group liked it better…maybe it’s just that I wasn’t a fan!)

Book: Easy to See Why – Fred Gwyne


(this didn’t work with either group. It’s a pretty simple story, but the humor comes from the illustrations. Some of the parents got it, but I think it went over the kids heads, even when we talked about the pictures.)

Poem: I’m Being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor – Shel Silverstein

 (Super populer, converted a sleeping bag into a Boa Constrictor with eyes and fangs [inspired by our great Liesl Johnson]. It eats you as you recite the poem. My first group had one kid who said ‘Eat me!’ and it was a small enough group that each of the kids got a turn being eaten by the ‘Boa Constrictor’…or just running from it)

Book: Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name  – Tedd Arnold


(this was engaging at the beginning, but it maybe ran too long. Interest was lost along the way.)

Activity: Silly Dance Contest – from the CD Jim Gill sings The sneezing song and other contagious tunes by Jim Gills

(This was popular, once the kids got into it…they were a little slow to warm up but it’s still a great song. Maybe it was a laxidasical week in general.)

The Parts:

I’ve Turned into a Carrot by Jack Pretlutsky

I’ve turned into a carrot,

It’s baffling and strange.

Somehow while I was sleeping,

I underwent a change.

Last night I was a human,

With head and hands and feet,

This morning I’m a vegetable

I’ve rarely cared to eat.

I look into the mirror,

And see I’m long and lean.

I have an orange body,

May hair is leafy green.

A further complication

Compounds my current woe,

A rabbit is approaching…

So long!  I’ve got to go.

Boa Constrictor by Shel Silverstein

Oh, I’m being eaten
By a boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor,
I’m being eaten by a boa constrictor,
And I don’t like it–one bit.
Well, what do you know?
It’s nibblin’ my toe.
Oh, gee,
It’s up to my knee.
Oh my,
It’s up to my thigh.
Oh, fiddle,
It’s up to my middle.
Oh, heck,
It’s up to my neck.
Oh, dread,
It’s upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff . .

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Mexico Storytime

(Done for the One World Many Stories summer reading program)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: A Party for Papa Louis – Diane Gonzales Bertrand


(I prepared this to be read in spanish and english for each page, but most of my kids were too young so i just did english. It was okay, not great.)

Puppets: Under My Sombrero(see at end)

adapted from Bajo mi sombrero by Anne E. Schraff

(I wore a big sombrero and stuffed the animals into it. The kids loved this ‘The Mitton’-esk story.)

Book: Pedro’s Burro – Alyssa Satin Capucilli


(Fun, and you can have the kids look for the Burro with the sombrero!)

Activity: Mexican Hat Dance from the CD Folk Dance Fun

(Make a big circle around a sombrero, I used the basic dance from this link. Lots of fun!)

Book: Cuckoo – Lois Ehlert


(The illustrations were a little complex for a storytime, I felt…it was difficult for the kids to see the story on some of the pages from a distance.)

Flannelboard: from The Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb – Shirley Climo


To see the full version, click here!

(I made a little ant puppet, and used the Mexican words for the animals. It was good!)

Book: Musicians of the Sun – Gerald McDermott


(There were fun characters to voice…you get to be the wind and the sun! And I adore McDermott’s illustrations.)

Craft: Paper Bag Maraccas

Put beans in a paper bag that the kids get to decorate, then twist and tape the bottom!

The Parts:

Under My Sombrero – adapted from Bajo mi sombrero by Anne E. Schraff

It was a hot day, muy caliente, when I went out for a walk. I wore my big sombrero, it cast lots of cool shade.

As I walked along, I met a bird. It saw my big sombrero and the cool shade and asked to share my sombrero. “Puedo, Por Favor?” it asked, “Can I please?” It is a very big sombrero, so I shared it with the bird.

Then I met a mouse as I walked along, and the mouse saw my big sombrero and all the cool shade it cast. The mouse asked if it could share the sombrero, “Puedo, Por Favor?”  It’s a very big sombrero, so I shared with the mouse.

As I walked in the hot sun I met a cat. The cat saw my big sombrero and the cool shade it cast. It asked to share my sombrero, “Puedo, Por Favor?” I still had room so I shared my sombrero with the cat.

A little further down the road I met a frog who was sitting in the hot sun. It saw the shade from my large sombrero, and it asked to share, “Puedo, Por Favor?” There was still some room in my sombrero, so I shared with the frog.

My hat was a little bit heavy as I walked further down the road in the hot sun. But my sombrero kept me cool. I met a pig who saw my sombrero, and asked if it could share “Puedo, Por Favor?” There wasn’t much room, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I said it could share.

My sombrero was full now, but as I walked further down the road I met a dog. The dog saw the cool shade from my sombrero and asked if it could share, “Puedo, Por Favor?” My hat was full, but the dog was muy caliente, very hot, out in the sun…so I said it could share.

It was very full under my sombrero; it wasn’t big enough for so many! I told all the animals, “Get out, there is no room! Everybody go away!” Out came the dog and the pig. out jumped the frog. Out scurried the cat and the mouse, and out flew the bird. Now it’s just me under my big sombrero, and it fits just right!

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