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Little Library Play Area

I just finished a new play aspect for our library branch.

We got a new sorting system, which made me think that kids might enjoy playing librarian, and after I started the project one of our little patrons said that they wanted to be a librarian when they grew up. I figured it’d be a worthwhile project.


There is a ‘Book Drop’ that’s really a mailbox play set that I re-purposed, and a little shelf unit where the little books live.


The books are very simple. I printed them out, and then laminated them with a piece of cardstock between the pages as the front and back cover. There is a small spot of sticky back velcro to keep the books closed.

I also have on display some suggestions of how to use the new play area.

Do you know your letters? Name the letters you know as you put them in the book drop.

Can you put them in order? Take the little books out, and organize them on the shelf.

Can you think of words? Open the book to see a word that starts with it’s letter!

Hopefully the kids will appreciate it! =]


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