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the storytime ventures of a children's librarian

Drawing Storytime

Opening: Shake my Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Art & Max – David Wiesner


Shadow Play – Harolds Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

 (Borrowed from a fellow librarian. Told the story using a projector and transparencies with the illustrations, and a little puppet Harold.)

Book: Lions Lunch – Fiona Tierney


Song: Shape Man from the CD Get ready, get set, sing by Sarah Barchas

 (On a whiteboard I drew each shape that the song mentions first, and had the kids name them. These became the bodies as I filled out each man as the song dictates. You don’t have to pretend to be out of breath by the time it’s over! [which the kids enjoyed].)

Book: I Ain’t Gonna’ Paint no More – Karen Beaumont


Poem: Invisible Boy by Shel Silverstein (see at end)

 (showed the kids the ‘picture’ [a white board] and pointed out each thing it described.  Then I guided them through a drawing of a house with a pet in the air with our fingers.)

Book: That’s How I See Things – Sirish Rao


(a sort of strange book, which I love, and it was well received. I little wordy toward the end, so I abbreviated.)

Activity: Coloring on Butcher Paper

(Linked this with the last book, having the kids create strange animals of their own.)

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