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Sometimes I feel…

(We’ve just started doing two person storytime programs, which certainly helps with an average of 40 children at each program, and it’s been loads of fun exploring this new dynamic!)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: My Friend is Sad – Mo Willems


(Can’t go wrong with Mo Willems, and having us each with a book reading the different parts ads to the fun!)

Puppet: Sam’s Cookie – from the book by Barbro Lindgren


(Sam get’s a cookie, but then doggie comes and wants the cookie. Presents a wonderful range of emotions!)

sams cookie

(We presented this just as scripted first, then did it again with the kids identifying each emotion Sam was feeling. Fun!)

Book: Never Too Little To Love – Jeanne Willis


(A sweet book with a fun format, the stacking items and pop-up kiss are good engagers.)

Song/Activity: If you’re happy and you know it

(The traditional song with whatever emotions the kids suggested thrown in! Nervous almost threw me off, be we held out breath for that.)

Book: The Day Leo Said I Hate You! – Robie H Harris


(So vibrant and raw with it’s portrayal, I love it! I read for Leo, and Amber read the Mothers parts.)

Flannel Board: Little Miss Muffet – Traditional


(The kids love hearing Miss Muffet scream! We did this a few times.)

Book: It’s a Tiger – David LaRochelle


(The kids were brave with the spider, so then we went on an adventure with a tiger! Another great vibrant book.)

Activity: Streamers

(Then we played with streamers, like the ‘jungle vines’ of the last story.

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Opposties Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Quick, Slow, Mango! – Anik McGrory


(This was perhaps a bit long, but the pictures are so cute! Even having it first in the line up the kids got a bit restless.)

Fingerplay: Two Little Blackbirds – Traditional

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill

One named Jack and One named Jill

Fly away Jack

Fly away Jill

Come back Jack

Come back Jill

…sitting in the snow. One was fast and one was slow…

…sitting on a cloud. One was quiet and one was loud…

…on a lily pad.  One was happy and the other was sad…

…were getting very old. One was hot and one was cold…

…sitting on a pole. One was high and one was low…    

(I had a few more opposites, but this was about the right amount to avoid wearying the theme.)

Book: Dinosaur Roar – Paul Strickland


(A fun book, sort of mid grade to me.)

Activity: Grand Ole Duke of York – From the CD Baby’s first Nursery Rhymes

Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men,
He marched them up to the top of
The hill and he marched
Them down again.

And when they were up they were up.
And when they were down they were down.
And when they were only half way up,
They were neither up nor down.

(We marched around the room standing on our toes, or crouching as the lyrics dictated. Nice wiggle song.)

Book: Big and Little – John Stadler


(This was really popular, fun surprise ending.)

Flannel Board: Never Too Little To Love – from the book by Jeanne Willis

2012-04-18_14-50-46_672  2012-04-18_14-49-26_453

(The little mouse wants to give the giraffe a kiss, but can’t reach, even when he makes a big …precarious… pile to stand on. Quite popular.)

Book: Opposnakes – Salina Yoon


(This was a big hit as well. Simple structure but lots of fun.)

Activity: Instruments

(Then, because the kids were so quiet for the stories…at least I pretended they were… we got to make lots of noise!)

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Big and Bad Storytime

Did my first partnered storytime this week with the lovely Natalie, who has just joined our Library team. It was loads of fun, and our big crowd had a great time. =]

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Scary Mary – Paula Bowles


(Such personality in this book! I love the illustrations and layout.)

Activity: Little Miss Muffet – Traditional

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,

eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider that sat down besider her,

and frightened Miss Muffet away!

 (Used a girl and spider puppet, and after a few times through …the kids can’t get enough… Miss Muffet karate chops the spider and scares it away!)

Book: The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson


(This worked fantastically as a partnered read. Natalie did all the mouse bits and I did the rest. )

Activity: The Troll – from the CD Animal Songs by Jim Gill

 (After the mouse took a walk and met the scary Gruffalo, we pretended to go on a walk and met a scary Troll! Simple song to follow the actions of, the kids loved it!) 

Book: Solomon Crocodile – Catherine Rayer

 solomon crocodile

(I adore Rayner’s books, this one does not disappoint! Solomon loves to scare, but the Hippo isn’t having it …until Solomon finds a friend.)

Activity: Three Little Pigs – Traditional



(With the addition of a wolf puppet, these were the props. Worked great, and the kids love huffing and puffing with the wolf.)

Book: It’s a Tiger! – David LaRochelle


(Such a fun engaging book. Tankard always has such bright illustrations, and the repeated theme really sucked the kids in.)

Activity: Streamers

(In the jungle the boy walked passed monkeys hanging from vines, so the streamers were our vines! Not really, the kids just danced around with them, but I can pretend it fits the theme!) ~.o

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Seasons Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Spring Song – Barbara Seuling

(Pretty awesome pics, and interactive element with guessing. Well received.)

Activity: Planting Seeds/Mr Golden Sun

from the CD Singable Songs for the Very Young by Raffi

Planting Seeds

First you take the seed and you plant it in the ground (pretend to plant seeds in hand)
Next a little rain cloud comes that waters all around (Use hand to simulate rain)
And the sun sends beams, shining bright without a sound (make circle over head with arms)
Then in a few days, a flower can be found! (cup hands together, then open fingers with wrists touching.)

(We also did this fingerplay in the musical interlude during Raffi’s song.)

Mr. Sun
Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun,
~arms up, rock in time to the rhythm

Please shine down on me.
~wiggle fingers down toward face
Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun,
~arms up again
Hiding behind a tree
~ASL sign for ‘tree’ in front of face to ‘hide’

These little children are asking you,
~gesture towards children

To please come down
so they can play with you,
~sign ASL sign for ‘Play’

Oh, Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun,

~arms up again

Please shine down on me.
~wiggle fingers down toward face

 (This was good times! Bright bouncy song)

Book: How Will We Get to the Beach? – Brigitte Luciani

(The group was a little unengaged today, but I’ve had great response with this book. Even so it was nice!)

Activity: There’s Something in my Garden

There’s Something in My Garden

There’s something in my garden,
Now what can it be?
There’s something in my garden
That I can’t really see.
Hear its funny sound….
A FROG is what I found!

(continue with other animals. I pulled some from my critter bin: a frog, rabbit, chicken, kitten.)

(The kids always like this, and are very excited that they know the animals)

Book: That Pup! – Lindsay Barrett George

(A cute story, with a fun chance to predict things with the hidden squirrel)

Activity: A Leaf is on My Nose

 A leaf is on my nose, a leaf is on my nose

Hi-ho just watch me blow

this leaf right off my nose!

(continue with other places)

(Lots of kids, which makes thinks kind of die while passing things out, but they had fun with the activity.)

Book: Old Bear – Kevin Henkes

(A nice review of the seasons, great illustrations.)

Activity: Ice Skating (on paper plates)

(The passing out of plates seemed doubly tedious after the time it took for the leaves earlier. This activity kinda flopped.)

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Halloween Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin – Mary Serfozo

(A cute book that gradually introduces the Halloween theme. Fun words and rhyming.

Song: Six Little Pumpkins (inspired from the book Dragons Halloween by Dav Pilkey)

I wanted to find a pumpkin as Big as a house to make a really scary jack-o’-lantern, but all I could find were a bunch of little pumpkins. (The kids help count as they get put on the flannel board.)

I decided I’d carve them anyway, and took them to my yard by the old dead tree.

(put tree on flannel board)Then I started to carve my scary pumpkins. (Pull off orange pieces, showing the glowing yellow!)

Do they look very scary? No?! Well, I guess I’ll stack them all up against my tree anyway.
So I stack 1-2-3-4-5-6 little pumpkins. AAaaaghhh! I guess six little pumpkins can be pretty scary after all!

(This was quite fun, the kids were engaged, and the parents enjoyed the surprise ending too!)

Book: Just say Boo – Susan Hood

(A good interactive and empowering story, cute illustrations!)

Activity: If you’re a ghost and you know it

If you’re a ghost and you know it wave your arms! (Woooo)

If you’re a ghost and you know it wave your arms! (Woooo)

If you’re a ghost and you know then you really ought to show it,

If you’re a ghost and you know it wave your arms! (Woooo)

(Also did: Witch ride a broom, skeleton shake your bones, wolf give a howl, Superhero strike a pose, jack-o’-lantern give a grin)

Book: Mouse’s First Halloween – Lauren Thompson

(Another good interactive book, the kids are pretty good as guessing what’s scaring little mouse)

Shadow play: In the Dark Dark Woods

(Click the image for the full story! I ask the kid if they want to go in the house, open the box, etc. They enjoy doing it again and predicting the next step.)

Book: Little Old Lady was Not Afraid of Anything – jp Williams

(Super fun book to act out! A lot of the kids already knew the story and were excited for it.)

Craft: Lollypop Ghost

(We used tootsie pops, wrapped tissues around them, wrapped a bit of pipe cleaner to form the head, then drew the face! Simple and fun.)

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Monster Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Don’t Squish the Sasquatch! – Kent Redeker

(A simple, bright book with a great fold out. The kids all got to help give the Sasquatch kisses too.)

Activity: Chocolate Chip Ghost

used the idea from rovingfiddlehead‘s blog

Little ghost is left alone and mother warns him not to eat anything until she gets back, but he does anyway! And all the foods turn him different colors. Finally momma ghost gets back and fixes things with milk and vanilla ice cream.

(Kids love being able to shout out the colors they know. This was a great participation activity!)

Book: Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

(It’s great seeing the excitement kids have when you do a familiar book. This is fantastic of course!)

Activity: Wild Thing, Wild Thing (modified from Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)

Wild thing, wild thing turn around,

  Wild thing, wild thing scratch the ground.

Wild thing, wild thing Roar out loud,

Wild thing, wild thing, touch a cloud.

Wild thing, wild thing, win a race.

Wild thing, wild thing, jump in place.

Wild thing, wild thing, stop and pause,

Wild thing, wild thing, touch your claws.

Wild thing, wild thing, sit right down.

Wild thing, wild thing, make no sound.

(A fun activity for the kids. One little girl pointed out that she couldn’t race because she had a cast on her foot.) =P

Book: Creepy Monster, Sleepy Monster – Jane Yolen

(I was drawn to this mostly because one of the monsters gets to burp. The illustrations are still fantastic, and there are some nice talking points!)

Activity: One Little Monster

One Little Monster

One little monster dancing on the floor

Had such fun it gave a Roar!

Then there came one monster more

Now there are more monsters than before!

(continue with increasing numbers)

(I attempted to make the rhythm match 5 Little Monkeys, but after the roar it always turned chanty. The kids still had fun with it!)

Book: Leonardo the Terrible Monster – Mo Willems

(A great story, as you’d expect from the author. And it was nice to end with the monster being the boys’ friend.)

Activity: Instruments

(Monsters like to be noisy! So we made noise on instruments while the song ‘Horns to Toes’ by Sandra Boynton played. )

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Spider Storytime

(This program is heavily influenced by suggestions from Liesl Johnson. I just did some tweaking) ~.o

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi
Book: I’m a Shark – Bob Shea

(Shark is pretty brave, but there is one thing that make him nervous. Great illustrations, though the pics of imagining the bear with the spider confused the kids who thought it was actually with a spider.)
Activity: Little Miss Muffett – Traditional

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet

eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider that sat down beside her,

and frightened Miss Muffet away!

(With a puppet girl and spider. The kids love seeing the girl scream and run away! We do it a couple of times, but end with the girl stomping on the spider, and it running away instead.)

Book: Yellow Bird, Black Spider – Dosh Archer

(Very simple, a great talking book! Kids know where birds usually live, how they make music, and what they eat. But this bird is a little different.)

Activity: There’s a Spider on the Floor – Traditional

There’s a Spider on the floor, on the floor.

There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.

There’s a spider on the floor, it just crawled in through the door,

There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.

…there’s a spider on my shoe, and I don’t know what to do!…

…there’s a spider on my knee, and it’s looking right at me!…

…there’s a spider on my tummy, and I really want my mommy…

…there’s a spider on my arm, it won’t do me any harm (I hope)…

…there’s a spider on my neck, and I’m a nervous wreck…

…there’s a spider on my head, and I’m feeling full of dread…

and then it jumps down!

…there’s a spider on the floor, I’m not worried any more…

(Each little kid got a little black poof ball for their spider, and we moved them the the places as we sang the song. Good times!)

Book: Aaaarrgghh! Spider – Lydia Monks

(Adorable book, the kids get really into it.)

Activity: Itsy Bitsy Spider/Emotions – Traditional

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout,

down came the rain and washed the spider out!

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,

so the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again!

(We did this the traditional way, then with a variety of emotions. …’Put on your sad faces!’ the kids really enjoyed it, and the parents too! We did angry, sad, scared, and happy. )

Book: Itsy Bitsy Spider – Keith Chapman

(With deviating text, this is a great storytime book. The spider interacts with lots of animals, and the kids can made the noises! Sparkly webs certainly don’t hurt either.)

Activity: Bubbles (with Sammy the Spider by Jewel playing)

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Back to School Storytime

(A little drama occurred prior to this storytime. I took my bag of books home to practice them, and it got lost somewhere! So I scrounged together a new set in the half hour before my program. It worked out pretty well though. )

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Late for School -Stephanie Calmenson

The kids had fun with this, it was nice having them identify all the different modes of transportation.

(wanted to use Cornelius P. Mud, are you Ready for School?  by Barney Saltzberg)

Song: There’s  Dog in School

There’s a dog in school, OH NO!

What are we going to do?

As long as there’s a dog in school

He’ll have to learn his alphabet, too!

(Bark the ABC song, then continue with other animals. I used a dog, cat, mouse, dinosaur, then child to sing the proper way.)

(This was very popular!)

Book: How Rocket Learned to Read – Tad Hills

This story is rather long, so I clipped some pages together. Not very suited to for storytime but it worked okay.

(wanted to use Llama Llama Misses Mamma by Anna Dewdey)

Activity: If you’re wearing any red

If your clothes have any red, any red

If your clothes have any red, any red

If your clothes have any red,

put your hands above your head,

If your clothes have any red, any red.

…if your clothes have any blue,

jump up and down inside your shoes,

…if your clothes have any white,

scrunch your face up small and tight,

…if your clothes have any yellow,

jiggle like a bowl of jello-o,

…if your clothes have any green,

tilt sideways ‘till you lean,

…if your clothes have any brown,

turn around and around,

Talked about wearing new school clothes, it was a good get up and move activity.

Book: If You Take a Mouse to School – Numeroff

This was a little flat, but worked okay. It was good we’d just done a moving thing!

(wanted to use Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin)

Activity: One Was Johnny from the book by Maurice Sendak

I had a little flip board with number for the kids to call out. It worked well enough, but some of the kids were getting a little restless.

Book: How do Dinosaurs go to School? – Jane Yolen

Pretty compact, and who doesn’t love dinosarus!  One little boy started shouting out No! after each of the questions. Love that participation!

(wanted to use Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten! by Heywon Yum)

Activity: Hand Out Books

(We had a bunch of books to give the kids to help them ‘Get ready for school’. And as a present for those that wouldn’t be able to attend storytime anymore when summer ends.)


Daddies Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Today’s storytime is all about Daddies, because this Sunday is Father’s day. It’s a day to show our daddies just how much we love them. 

Book: Knuffle Bunny – Mo Willems

(It was a pretty vocal group today, which worked great with this story. Some kids were already familiar with the book so I didn’t even have to prompt for responses about the bunny getting left behind! Very well received.)

Activity: D-A-D-D-Y (B-I-N-G-O)

(I taped the letters around a paper towel roll, and slid them around for the letters to disappear. When the first D was gone one child wanted to know what the new word was, so we sounded it out each time a letter disappeared. Very fun.)

Book: Oh Daddy – Bob Shea

(Silly daddy keeps doing things wrong! Even the older elementary kids that sat in were having a good time with this one.)

Activity: If You’re Happy and you Know It from the CD Get Ready, Get Set, Sing! by Sarah Barchas

(Introduced this by asking if the kids daddies loved them when they were happy ‘Yes!’ and when they were angry ‘No!’ [oops!] We reiterated that daddies love us all the time, whether we are hungry or sleepy or sad. Then sang the great version with a bunch of different emotions.)

Book: A Wild Fathers Day – Sean Callahan

(The kids were excited by the cover of this book ‘They’re turning into monkeys!’ and had fun throughout. One proclaimed after the story, ‘That was a book about imagination.’)

Flannel Board: Matching Families

(I was going to do a flannel version of ‘The Fathers are Coming Home’ but ended up using the images for a matching game instead. We put all the daddies on our flannel board and talked a little about the animals, then I held up the baby animals and the kids told me what they matched with. This one seemed to fizzle out a little bit, maybe 8 was too many pairs?)

Book: My Dad is Big and Strong, but… – Coraline Saudo

(Such a fun new book! I worried that it might feel a little long, but the kids were engaged throughout. )

Craft/Activity: Shirt cards

(I had a bunch of ‘shirt’ cards ready for the kids to color, with a poem printed inside.)

With my fingers I dance a beat,

that tickles through my daddy’s shirt.

He helps me eat a tasty treat,

that drips drops down my daddy’s shirt.

When I get scared, he’s where I look,

hold tight onto my daddies shirt.

Then nod off after one last book,

snuggled against my daddies shirt.

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Sometimes I feel… Storytime

Today we’re going to have stories all about how we feel . What are some feeling that you have? Does anyone feel silly? Let’s shake those sillies out!

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

There are lots of things to like, but hopefully you all like each other, and yourself. 

Book: I Like Me! – Nancy Carlson


(A nice simple book. I’m probably a bit jaded due to nostalgia, it’s one of my mom’s favorites!)

Puppet: Worm Watches – from the book by Kathy Caple

Worm watches lots of different movies, how do you think they make him feel?

Worm watches a movie with clowns. Worm laughs!

Worm watches a movie with monsters. Worm hides.

Worm watches a movie with crying. Worm cries.

Worm watches a movie with kissing. Worm falls asleep.

I guess worm watched too many movies! Sometimes movies make us sad, what do you do if your friend is sad? Do you try to make them happy? That’s what Piggie does in this next book, lets find out if it works!

Book: My Friend Is Sad – Mo Willems


(What isn’t to like about Mo Willems!)

Song/Activity: If you’re happy and you know it

Gerald ended up happy! What do you like to do if you’re happy and you know it? Clap our hands! There are other things you can do for other emotions too.

(I love that the song expresses such a wide range of feelings, happy, sad, scared, mad. And it doesn’t hurt that it includes reading too!)

Book: The Day Leo Said I Hate You! – Robie H Harris

…If you love and you know it give a hug!’ That’s a good way to show you love someone. Who is someone that you love? You love your mom too? Good, but sometimes we can get angry at the people we love. Then we might say something we don’t mean to say.


(So good! The illustrations express Leo’s emotions so well, even the parents gasped on the spread where Leo says ‘I Hate You!’)

Flannel Board: Never Too Little to Love – Jeanne Willis

Leo really did love his mom. Sometimes it can be hard to show someone you love them.

 This is Tiny too-little. He loves somebody. But she’s way up high.

 And that’s a long, long way if you’re tiny and you really want a kiss. He tries to reach her but he’s far too little. Even on tiptoes.

He’s too little even on tiptoes on a thimble.

He’s too little, even on tiptoes on a matchbox, on a thimble.

…(continue adding other items)

He’s too little, even on tiptoes,

on a cupcake, on a clock, on a candle, on a cabbage, on a teacup, on a watermelon, on a matchbox, on a thimble.

Tiny too-little reaches way up.

Wobble… wobble… wobble…CRASH!

Topsy too-tall sees tiny too-little. She loves him. But he’s way down there.

It’s a long way down if you’re tall. But it’s an even longer way up in you’re tiny.

So she bends down and gives him a great Big kiss.

Which just goes to show that, even if you are tiny… you are never too little to love.

Book: What Was I Scared of? – Dr. Seuss

Isn’t it nice when you can show someone you care about them? Sometimes, though, it can be a little scary to meet someone new.


(I skipped the pages with the bike, I don’t know if the kids were loosing interested, or just sluggish from the heat, but they still seemed pretty engaged.)

There are lots of different feelings we talked about today, which feeling do you like best? I like to be happy! Do you want to know something that makes me happy? Bubbles do!

Activity: Bubbles

(Played ‘Sometimes‘ from Frances England’s CD Fascinating Creatures while the kids played in bubbles.)

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