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Letter J Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out

Book: Where’s My Mom? (Jungle) – Julia Donaldson


(Such a fun book, the kids loves all the mistakes the butterfly made, and the parents loved the ending.)

Activity: One Was Johnny – Maurice Sendak


1 was Johnny who lived by himself
2 was a rat who jumped on his shelf
3 was a cat who chased the rat
4 was a dog who came in and sat
5 was a turtle who bit the dog’s tail
6 was a monkey who brought in the mail
7 a blackbird pecked poor Johnny’s nose
8 was a tiger out selling old clothes
9 was a robber who took an old shoe
10 was a puzzle–what should Johnny do
He stood on a chair and said,
Here’s what I’ll do–I’ll start to
Count backwards
And when I am through
If this house isn’t empty, I’ll eat
All of you!
9 was the robber who left looking pale
8 was the tiger who chased him to jail
7 was the blackbird flew off to Havana
6 was the monkey who stole the banana
5 was the turtle who crawled off to bed
4 was the dog who slid home on a sled
3 was the cat who pounced on the rat
2 was the rat who left with the cat
1 was Johnny who lived by himself
And liked it like that!

(I drew the room on a white board, and used tape to stick on the figures. The explosion Johnny has to scare the masses away always tickles the children.)

Book: Sheep in a Jeep – Nancy Shaw


(Fun illustrations, and great opportunity to talk about what is happening beyond the text.)

Activity: Two Little Jellyfish – (adapted from Two Little Blackbirds)

Two little jellyfish drifting in the tide
One named Jenny and one named Clyde.
Jiggle away Jenny, jiggle away Clyde.
Come back Jenny, come back Clyde.
Two little jellyfish swimming in a bowl,
One named fast and one named slow…
Two little jellyfish swimming in a pool,
One named warm, and one named cool…
Two little jellyfish swimming in a cup,
One named down and one named up…
Two little jellyfish swimming undeterred,
One named back and one named forward…
Two little jellyfish swimming in the deep,
One named awake and one asleep..
(Our hands were the jellyfish, with the fingers being the tentacles, great fun!)

Book: Jellyfish – Carol K Lindeen


(The second group I had was a bit more restless, but the first group really liked this, the parents too!)

Activity: Jumping Joey – from King County Library

Jumping Joey went a jumping joyfully to town
Jumping Joey got so tired jumping up and down
Jumping Joey asked his mother, “Could I have a ride?”
Jumping Joey’s mother answered, “Sure, just jump inside!”

(Probably the biggest hit, we jumped during the rhyme, and then did a big jump and wrapped our arms around our knees in the ‘pocket’.)

Book: Jump – Scott Fisher


(The kids had fun identifying each new creature that appeared. Another hit!)

Activity: Bubbles

(Then the kids got to jump in bubbles. Maybe a bit of cheating, but I was worn out after all the jumping!)


Sometimes I feel…

(We’ve just started doing two person storytime programs, which certainly helps with an average of 40 children at each program, and it’s been loads of fun exploring this new dynamic!)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: My Friend is Sad – Mo Willems


(Can’t go wrong with Mo Willems, and having us each with a book reading the different parts ads to the fun!)

Puppet: Sam’s Cookie – from the book by Barbro Lindgren


(Sam get’s a cookie, but then doggie comes and wants the cookie. Presents a wonderful range of emotions!)

sams cookie

(We presented this just as scripted first, then did it again with the kids identifying each emotion Sam was feeling. Fun!)

Book: Never Too Little To Love – Jeanne Willis


(A sweet book with a fun format, the stacking items and pop-up kiss are good engagers.)

Song/Activity: If you’re happy and you know it

(The traditional song with whatever emotions the kids suggested thrown in! Nervous almost threw me off, be we held out breath for that.)

Book: The Day Leo Said I Hate You! – Robie H Harris


(So vibrant and raw with it’s portrayal, I love it! I read for Leo, and Amber read the Mothers parts.)

Flannel Board: Little Miss Muffet – Traditional


(The kids love hearing Miss Muffet scream! We did this a few times.)

Book: It’s a Tiger – David LaRochelle


(The kids were brave with the spider, so then we went on an adventure with a tiger! Another great vibrant book.)

Activity: Streamers

(Then we played with streamers, like the ‘jungle vines’ of the last story.

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Big and Bad Storytime

Did my first partnered storytime this week with the lovely Natalie, who has just joined our Library team. It was loads of fun, and our big crowd had a great time. =]

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Scary Mary – Paula Bowles


(Such personality in this book! I love the illustrations and layout.)

Activity: Little Miss Muffet – Traditional

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,

eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider that sat down besider her,

and frightened Miss Muffet away!

 (Used a girl and spider puppet, and after a few times through …the kids can’t get enough… Miss Muffet karate chops the spider and scares it away!)

Book: The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson


(This worked fantastically as a partnered read. Natalie did all the mouse bits and I did the rest. )

Activity: The Troll – from the CD Animal Songs by Jim Gill

 (After the mouse took a walk and met the scary Gruffalo, we pretended to go on a walk and met a scary Troll! Simple song to follow the actions of, the kids loved it!) 

Book: Solomon Crocodile – Catherine Rayer

 solomon crocodile

(I adore Rayner’s books, this one does not disappoint! Solomon loves to scare, but the Hippo isn’t having it …until Solomon finds a friend.)

Activity: Three Little Pigs – Traditional



(With the addition of a wolf puppet, these were the props. Worked great, and the kids love huffing and puffing with the wolf.)

Book: It’s a Tiger! – David LaRochelle


(Such a fun engaging book. Tankard always has such bright illustrations, and the repeated theme really sucked the kids in.)

Activity: Streamers

(In the jungle the boy walked passed monkeys hanging from vines, so the streamers were our vines! Not really, the kids just danced around with them, but I can pretend it fits the theme!) ~.o

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Argentina Storytime

Part of our One World Many Stories summer reading program.

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: The Littlest Llama –  Jane Buxton

Flannelboard Poem: Jaguaete from Animal poems of the Iguazú – Francisco X. Alarcón

(I had a potted plant, a waterfall, and some star constellations which I put up through the poem. Had the kids guess what the animal was.)

Book: No More, Por Favor – Susan Middleton Elya

(I’d been looking for an excuse to use this book, and it fit fantastically! The interspersed Spanish flows very nicely.)

Activity: Banana Chant (see at end)

(I have this as part of a book babies program, and expanded it a little for the storytime. Picked bananas high, low…chopped slow and fast…mashed in our fists, then a ‘bowl’ on our laps, then in a ‘tub’ with our feet.)

Book: The Magic Bean Tree – Nancy Van Laan

(A longer story, I told it rather than reading it. I was surprised at how well it was received.)

Flannelboard: Five Penguins in a Bathtub (see at end)

(A variation of the more common Five Elephants in a Bathtub.)

Book: Sergio Makes a Splash – Edel Rodriguez

(All in all I was surprised at what nice options there were for this theme.)

The Parts:

Jaguaete: from Animal Poems of the Iguazu

dicen que ahora                  some say

estoy casi extinto               I’m now almost

por este parque                  extinct in this park

pero la gente                       but the people

que dice esto                       who say this

no sabe                                  don’t know

que al oler                            that by smelling

las orquideas                       the orchids

an los arboles                       in the trees

estan percibiendo             they’re sensing

la fragancia                           the fragrance

de mis fauces                       of my chops                                             

que al oir                               that by hearing

el retumbo                           the rumbling

de los saltos                         of the waterfalls

estan escuchando            they’re listening

el gran rugido                      to my ancestors’

de mis ancestros                great roar                                                

que al observer                 that by observing

las constelaciones             the constellations

delfirmamento                    of the night sky

estan mirando                    they’re gazing

las motas de estrellas       at the star spots

marcadas en mi piel          on my fur                                                

que yo soy                             that I am and

y siempre sere                     always will be

el indomable                        the wild

espiritu                                   untamed

silvestre vivo                       living spirit

De esta jungla                      of the jungle

(read the poem, and see if the kids can guess what the animal is!)

Banana Chant

(mime actions)

We pick bananas, pick pick bananas, pick bananas, pick pick bananas, (picking low down, and then higher up in the tree)

And we peel bananas, peel peel bananas, peel bananas, peel peel bananas, (peel slowly, then faster)

And we chop bananas, chop chop bananas, chop bananas, chop chop bananas, (use karate chop actions, slow and then faster)

And we mash bananas, mash mash banans, mash bananas, mash mash banans, (mash hand in fist, then a ‘bowl’ on the knees, then mash in a ‘bathtub’ with feet)

And we eat bananas, eat eat bananas, eat bananas, eat eat bananas, (eat with a spoon, then throw it away and use fingers!)

Then we go banans, GOGO BANANAS! go banans, GOGO BANANAS! (stand up and wave hands while spinning!)

Five Penguins in a Bathtub

One penguin in a bathtub, going for a swim

Knock, Knock (clap, clap)

Splash, Splash (slap knees, slap knees)

Come on in! (motion with hand)

Two penguins…

Three penguins…

Four penguins…

Five penguins…

…They all fell in! (final line)

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