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Polar Bear and Penguin Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

 Book: Ted, Bo, and Diz The First Adventure – Jason Chapman

ted bo and diz

(I really like this book, and the kids do too!)

Activity: Polar Bear Ball – I got this from Falling Flannelboards

Polar bear wants to play!  He wants to catch the red ball today.

Who has the red ball?  Look and see. If you have it bring it up to me.


(The kids had a blast with this …as long as they weren’t too shy to put their ‘balls’ on the board.)

Book: Baby Penguin Slips and Slides – Michael Tietelbaum


(I love using photo books, and this was perfect! Just ignore the little fact bubbles on each page.)

Activity: 5 penguins in the Bathtub

Five Penguins in the bathtub going for a swim

Knock, knock (clap hands)

Splash, splash, (slap knees)

Come on in!

(count up to five penguins)


(A fun counting activity.)

Book: Sergio Makes a Splash – Edil Rodriguez

Sergio Makes a Splash

(I’ve used this often, and it’s always well recieved.)

Activity: Polar Bear, Polar Bear, turn around

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, turn around,

  Polar Bear, Polar Bear, scratch the ground.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Roar out loud,

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, touch a cloud.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, win a race.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, jump in place.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, stop and pause,

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, touch your claws.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, sit right down.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, make no sound.

(Adapted from the classic ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear”. The kids love it!)

Book: Oh! What a Surprise – Suzanne Bloom


(I think this series is adorable, and fox is such a fun character to read.)

Activity: Streamers

(Then I pulled out a surprise for the kids, streamers to play with!)

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Penguin & Polar Bear Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Ted Bo and Diz The First Adventure – Jason Chapman

 ted bo and diz

(A fun little adventure, with a lovely penguin surprise at the end! Well received.)

Activity: 5 Little Penguins (tune: Farmer in the Dell)

 Five Penguins in a row, Five penguins in a row,

One slid down low, where did he go?

I don’t know.

(continue with remaining penguins)

(to end, show all penguins) …to play with his friends in the snow


(Works well as a finger play too, good stuff.)

Book: If You Were a Penguin – Wendell and Florence Minor

 if you were a penguin

(Lovely big pictures. We went through twice, and identified the things people do the second time.)

Activity: Penguin, Penguin (tune: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around)

Penguin, penguin turn around. Make a little penguin sound. eeerk!

Penguin, penguin reach up high. Penguin, penguin touch the sky.

Penguin, penguin bend down low. Penguin, penguin touch the snow.

Penguin, penguin, go to bed. Penguin, penguin rest your head.

Penguin, penguin, turn off the light. Penguin, penguin say goodnight.

(A fun variation. This pattern always works well in a program.)

Book: My Little Polar Bear – Claudia Rueda

my little polar bear

(Not such a hit. I think some of the pics were too ambiguous, and the text not engaging enough for a group.)

Activity: We’re All Going To the North Pole – from the CD Songs for all Seasons by Geoff Johnson


(We went on a trip to find Santa, but this Polar Bear was everywhere we looked! Was a bit flat this go round.)

Book: Flip and Flop – Dawn Apperley

flip and flop

(The kids were quite engaged for this, even though I worried a bit about the length.)

Activity: Bubbles

(We pretended it was snow! Played Doing the Penguin from the CD Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs during the bubbles.)


Argentina Storytime

Part of our One World Many Stories summer reading program.

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: The Littlest Llama –  Jane Buxton

Flannelboard Poem: Jaguaete from Animal poems of the Iguazú – Francisco X. Alarcón

(I had a potted plant, a waterfall, and some star constellations which I put up through the poem. Had the kids guess what the animal was.)

Book: No More, Por Favor – Susan Middleton Elya

(I’d been looking for an excuse to use this book, and it fit fantastically! The interspersed Spanish flows very nicely.)

Activity: Banana Chant (see at end)

(I have this as part of a book babies program, and expanded it a little for the storytime. Picked bananas high, low…chopped slow and fast…mashed in our fists, then a ‘bowl’ on our laps, then in a ‘tub’ with our feet.)

Book: The Magic Bean Tree – Nancy Van Laan

(A longer story, I told it rather than reading it. I was surprised at how well it was received.)

Flannelboard: Five Penguins in a Bathtub (see at end)

(A variation of the more common Five Elephants in a Bathtub.)

Book: Sergio Makes a Splash – Edel Rodriguez

(All in all I was surprised at what nice options there were for this theme.)

The Parts:

Jaguaete: from Animal Poems of the Iguazu

dicen que ahora                  some say

estoy casi extinto               I’m now almost

por este parque                  extinct in this park

pero la gente                       but the people

que dice esto                       who say this

no sabe                                  don’t know

que al oler                            that by smelling

las orquideas                       the orchids

an los arboles                       in the trees

estan percibiendo             they’re sensing

la fragancia                           the fragrance

de mis fauces                       of my chops                                             

que al oir                               that by hearing

el retumbo                           the rumbling

de los saltos                         of the waterfalls

estan escuchando            they’re listening

el gran rugido                      to my ancestors’

de mis ancestros                great roar                                                

que al observer                 that by observing

las constelaciones             the constellations

delfirmamento                    of the night sky

estan mirando                    they’re gazing

las motas de estrellas       at the star spots

marcadas en mi piel          on my fur                                                

que yo soy                             that I am and

y siempre sere                     always will be

el indomable                        the wild

espiritu                                   untamed

silvestre vivo                       living spirit

De esta jungla                      of the jungle

(read the poem, and see if the kids can guess what the animal is!)

Banana Chant

(mime actions)

We pick bananas, pick pick bananas, pick bananas, pick pick bananas, (picking low down, and then higher up in the tree)

And we peel bananas, peel peel bananas, peel bananas, peel peel bananas, (peel slowly, then faster)

And we chop bananas, chop chop bananas, chop bananas, chop chop bananas, (use karate chop actions, slow and then faster)

And we mash bananas, mash mash banans, mash bananas, mash mash banans, (mash hand in fist, then a ‘bowl’ on the knees, then mash in a ‘bathtub’ with feet)

And we eat bananas, eat eat bananas, eat bananas, eat eat bananas, (eat with a spoon, then throw it away and use fingers!)

Then we go banans, GOGO BANANAS! go banans, GOGO BANANAS! (stand up and wave hands while spinning!)

Five Penguins in a Bathtub

One penguin in a bathtub, going for a swim

Knock, Knock (clap, clap)

Splash, Splash (slap knees, slap knees)

Come on in! (motion with hand)

Two penguins…

Three penguins…

Four penguins…

Five penguins…

…They all fell in! (final line)

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