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Look And See Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

 Book: Duck! Rabbit! – Amy Krouss Rosenthal


(This was a great book to do with a partner …though I’ve used it myself before. Fun concept and we let the kids vote about what the thought the picture was at the end.)

Activity: Why the Frog Has Big Eyes – from the book by Betsy Franco

(See the full version here)


(A fun visual element for this story, the animals can look around and blink!)

Book: I Spy With My Little Eye – Edward Gibbs

i spy with my little eye 

(Awesome big bright illustrations, and a guessing game make this great for storytime.)

Activity: Matching Game

 (We passed out colored shapes, and then had the kids hold up the match to whatever we called out. A great way to engage them and get some wiggles out.)

Book: In the Foggy Foggy Forest – Nick Sharrett

foggy foggy forest 

(A great predictive story, the kids are suprisingly adept and recognising the silhouettes!)

Activity: Shark in the Park – From the book by Nick Sharratt

(See the full version here)


(This was a fantastic fun element to include. We projected the story, and had the kids stand up and look through their hand ‘telescopes’ with us.)

Book: Little Quacks Hide and Seek – Lauren Thompson



(We added a duck puppet to play mother duck with this book, another hit!)

Activity: Tube Telescopes


(Then the kids got to decorate their Safari Telescopes with toilet paper tubes, markers, and foam stickers.)

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Look and See Storytime

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Book: Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? – Bill Martin Jr.


Song/Sign: Let’s Take a Little Walk from Pick Me Up! Fun songs for learning sign.

(I introduced the concept of sign language, and we practiced the signs we’d use in the song [walk, see, tree, butterfly, bird, squirrel, apple]. It’s a simple song, essentially a single verse repeated where the things you see in the tree change.)

Book: Hattie and the Fox – Mem Fox


(I intended to use Where’s Tumpty by Polly Dunbar, but my co-worker used it the week before for an Elephant theme…so I found this last minute and I love it! It fit the theme so well and is just a charming story.)

Activity: Matching Game

(I had different colored shapes cut out, each child got one. I would say whether they should match the color or the shape that I held up, and if what they had matched, they would raise theirs as well. Simple, but the kids seemed to like it and it’s edumacational!)

Book: Duck! Rabbit! – Amy Krause Rosenthal

(I’m still not sure how I feel about this as a storytime book, I’ve used it a couple of times and the kids are engaged…I just don’t connect with it I guess.)

Flannelboard: Why the Frog Has Big Eyes – Betsy Franco

(Check out the whole thing here!)

(Done as a quasi-puppet show, with two dimensional characters who could move their eyes and blink. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.)

Book: I Spy With My Little Eye – jp Gibbs


(Simple book with huge pics. I’m a fan.)

Song: Bear Went Over the Mountain (see at end)

(Did a variation where the bear finds something on the other side of the mountain, and then they go over the mountain, a chain that could go endlessly! I used the pairings from my ‘Hunting We Will Go’ set.)

The Parts

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

The Bear went over the mountain,

the bear went over the mountain,

the bear when over the mountain to see what he could see.

He saw a goat in a boat there, he saw a goat in a boat there,

he saw a goat in a boat there, and that is what he saw.

The goat went over the mountain, the goat went over the mountain,

the goat went over the mountain to see what he could see.

(Continue with as many creatures as you’d like. I finished with the bear in a chair.)

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Why the Frog Has Big Eyes

adapted from the book by Betsy Franco (I’ve included a very rough telling)

(I created these with with regular printer paper…should have used cardstock but ah well! The things we learn. Behind the cut out eyes is glued an envelope which holds the slips of paper with the pupils and eyelids…see a breakdown of the bird at the bottom. It’s fun to move the pupils around during the story.)

The frog didn’t always have big eyes, once they were very small. Frog was also very good at staring. He challenged his friends to a staring contest.

Horse blinked first, and rabbit blinked first, and bird blinked first…but when fish was the competitor…frogs eyes got bigger and bigger as he tried to win. Then frog blinked…and learned that fish never do. (You can see frogs eye layers in the bottom right corner, they just slid behind each other in the envelope)

Frogs eyes have been big ever since, and he never bragged again.

(Bird caught mid-blink…how embarrassing!)

(You can see the envelope through the empty eye sockets, I cut off the flaps because they got in the way. The eyelids were easier to manipulate when I attached them to the paper with the pupils. You push down on the crease and it blinks! I also covered the pupils with tape to give them some shine.)

Amanda at Trails & Tales hosted this weeks Flannel Friday