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Story Time Visuals

The creations I’ve made for my programs.

Bats in the Belfry


(Construction paper with pipe cleaner ‘feet’ for hanging.)

Chocolate Chip Ghost

(folder with cut-out and color paper inserts)

Christmas Tree


Color Sticks

(to guide action during Hap Palmer ‘Color’ song)

Cupcake – Charise Mericl Harper

(Felt with paper platter of cupcakes …my little nut went missing!)




(sparkly pipe cleaners)

5 Ballet Dancers

(paper figures glued to straws …don’t stick very well… double sided)

5 Green Little Frogs

(Laminated paper with velcro)

5 Little Fishies

(felt …and they want some glitter glue scales!)

5 Little Monkeys

(Laminated card stock with pipe cleaner hangers. Paper towel tube trees on book ends with yarn ‘vine’.)

5 Little Mice


Freight Train– Donald Crews

(Laminated paper train sections with velcro to attach to crossbeam + rolling scroll background)

The Hat – from Squid and Octopus by Tao Nyeu


Head, Body, Legs – inspired by the Julie Paschkis illustrations


House for Birdie – Stuart J. Murphy


In the Dark Dark Woods


(marker on transparencies for overhead projector)

Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb – Shirley Climo


(laminated crayon on paper + felt ant + puff ball ‘crumb’)

Magic Hat

(hat with false top lines up with opening in paper covered box which holds animals)

Masha and the Bear– Traditional Russian


(transparency background, card stock shadow puppets for overhead projector)

Most Wonderful Egg In the WorldHeine Helme



Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave -Quentin Blake


(laminated paper w/ tape)

My Friend Rabbit– Eric Rohmann

(laminated construction paper with velcro on ribbon + larger mouse, rabbit, plane)

The Napping House– Audrey Wood

napping house

Never Too Little To Love– Jeanne Willis


(Laminated paper with velcro on ribbon + puppet)

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone


One Bat Hanging in the Bellfry

(construction paper cut out with pipe cleaner feet hanging from yarn suspended from paper towel rolls)

One Little Clown

(layered construction paper laminated with velcro)

One Little Monster

(layered cardboard with felt on upper and rotating monsters on lower [accessible behind])

One Was Johnny– Maurice Sendak

Raindrops Fell All Around


Ralph– David Hamilton

(Laminated paper, flea extends mouth through slit, and animals slide into folder attached to back.)


(laminated construction paper with velcro backing)

Robot Zot– from the book by John Scieszka

Scat the Cat

(Cut out folder laminated with white out and marker detail)

Six Little Pumpkins-from the story by Dave Pilkney



Star of the Circus– Michael Sampson

(laminated marker on card stock with velcro.)

Tooth Fairy

(Felt w/finger puppet)

Very Hungry Caterpillar– Eric Carl

(felt, caterpillar as expanding pouch, butterfly which rolls into enclosed ‘cocoon’)

Why the Frog has Big Eyes – Betsy Franco



(Oil Pastel on paper. Animals with blinking eyes and moveable pupils.)

Where’s Tumpty? -Polly Dunbar


Worm Watches– Kathy Caple

(Box with removable ‘screens’ + ‘puppet’ worm)


2 responses to “Story Time Visuals

  1. Chris says:

    Where did you get the “My friend rabbit” printable?

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